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Victor, E51CG will be active as E51USA from Rarotonga Island, IOTA OC - 013, in RSGB IOTA Contest, 27 - 28 July 2019.
He wil operate in Single Operator Category from E51JD QTH.
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QSL via home call direct.
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Victor Rivera, Po Box 618, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Via New Zealand.

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Derek Hansen
  • Callsign: KJ4BQS
  • 2009-09-18 22:29:25
Victor, Just wanted to say "Thanks" for working me tonight. I wanted to let you know you made my first non-US DX tonight! I was out with our church having a daddy/daughter campfire out by Flagstaff Ranch Road, just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. I brought along my portable antenna and set up a 20m vertical while we were cooking up dinner and people were arriving. The fathers and daughters began crowding around me as I set up the antenna asking what this "Thing" was for. I said it was an antenna and that we could talk to people all over the world. "Total strangers?", they asked. "Yes," was my reply, although I didn't really believe myself. Since I haven't had much luck working DX, my hope was to connect with people working the local Route 66 event. I pointed my antenna West in the hopes of catching a strong station out of California. I had several young volunteers eager to talk on the radio, so I turned on my rig and started tuning around. To my surprise, we started hearing someone mentioning Florida. "Okay," I thought. "Florida may not be Japan, but it is still far away, and the girls will still be excited." The operator on the other end also mentioned an island and we were trying to figure out what island near Florida he was operating from. The next thing we heard really got everyone excited. "South Cook Islands," came the reply, "Rarotonga". "I can't believe this," I said to the girls. "This is New Zealand!" I was wrong, but close. I tested my radio and turned up full power to 100W. I didn't have the antenna 100% tuned because I noticed some up-and-down SWR, but I decided to give-it-a-go anyhow. I gave my call and was surprised when we heard our call come back. It took several tries because we were coming in weak, though his station was easily 5-by-8. "This is Victor, E51USA, Rarotonga." We managed to get a brief signal report exchanged and called it good. I was so excited, not only because I had made my first non-US DX contact, but that everyone around the campfire got to see world-wide radio in action. ~derek KJ4BQS