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This year URE (Spanish Radio Amateur Union) will be active during the IARU HF Contest 2012 July 14-15.
The SPAIN HQ Station TEAM will be operating SSB and CW all time using the official callsings: - EF1HQ (20M, 80M) - EF2HQ (40M, 160M) - EF5HQ (15M) - EF7HQ (10M) URE´S HQ STATION will on air a SPECIAL AWARD in IARU Contest 2012:
1.- Open to any licenced radio amateur or short wave listener.
2.- The objetive is to contact special event station EF1HQ, EF2HQ, EF5HQ and EF7HQ, wich are the stations representing URE in the IARU HF Championship 2012.
3.- Valid contacts are those made with the above stations between 1200UTC on Saturday 14th and 1159UTC on Sunday 15th July, 2012.
4.- For each contact with the URE HQ stations, send RST and corresponding ITU zone. We encourage those participating in this award to also operate actively in the IARU HF contest and to contact any other station of any kind in the contest.
5.- There are three categories for this award: - Diamond Category: For contacting all the EFxHQ stations on the 6 bands (160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters) on both SSB and CW (a total of 12 contacts) - Platinum Category: For making 10 contacts (no dupes) with the EFxHQ stations on any band or mode. - Gold Category: For making 5 contacts (no dupes) with EFxHQ stations on any band or mode.
6.- All categories of this award are free for URE members. No request is necessary and awards will be send automatically in PDF format by the URE. 7.- For non.URE members, the cost is 5 Euros, 5 IRCs or 6 USD. Non-URE members should send their request to URE, PoBox 220, 28080 Madrid, Spain.
73 Jesus EC1KR


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