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Enabling the special commemorative 125th anniversary of the launching of the submarine Isaac Peral Activation of 17 to 31 March by members of Team Cartagena on all bands and modes on phone and digital modes (PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, etc) NO NEED to send your QSL All QSL will be sent via bureau, save your money, if a member of bureau will be sent and if not a member if you have to send your QSL and a stamped envelope for Spain.
For non-members outside Spain enviar1 $ or 1 €. Brevehistoria With the support of the Queen Regent María Cristina, the submarine was launched on September 8, 1888.
The ship measured 22 m in length, 2.76 m strut, 2.87 m wide and displaced 77 tons and 85 tons surface submerged.
The propulsion is obtained by two electric motors 30 horsepower each, the supplied energy from a battery 613 elements. Incorporating also a torpedo tube, three torpedoes, periscope, a sophisticated "device depths", which allowed the submarine to dive surf the depth dimension desired by their commander and keep trimming the ship at all times, even after the launch of torpedoes. And all the necessary mechanisms to navigate immersion into the default path
                        73  Diego EH5SIP
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