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It has come to my attention that rumors are going that I am planning an expedition to Eritrea using the call sign E35X.
These rumors have no basis in any real situation.
The E35X call sign was issued to the LA5X
Ham Forum group, headed by me, and used in June 1994 just a week after their declared independence.
This was the first amateur radio activity licensed by the Eritrean authorities.

A possible cause for the rumor may be that I am working on updating the profile for LA6VM, to include my recent A52VM activity, and to include all my previous expedition call signs. At the same time, I have updated the profile to include responsibility for our E35X expedition, as the former QSL manager, Ruth LA6ZH, and her husband Thor, passed away some time ago.

As far as I am informed, the current political situation that Eritrea is in makes it unlikely that any permission for amateur radio activity will be granted in the near future.

We can only hope that this situation will be eased; firstly for the benefit of the Eritrean people.

In an eased situation, I would guess that permissions for operation amateur radio in Eritrea will be granted.

Oslo 14 November 2011
Erling LA6VM

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