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Guam Island JS6RRR/KH2 2011

This is just a new info to change the schedule.
Hello friend, As I announced TAKE JS6RRR modified his plan himself to Guam OC-026 trip due to circumstances of another operator W3STX.
TAKE KH2/JS6RRR will achieve his plan himself shortly after this Feb 10 to Feb 15 2011.
He will be active from 160-6m (SSB,CW,FM,RTTY,PSK).
QSL to KH2/JS6RRR via the BURO.e-mail to Informed by JR3TVH TAKA 73

Guam Island JS6RRR/KH2 2011

Guam Island DX News JS6RRR/KH2 2011

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