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Ham Radio Contest Secrets N6MJ KL9A

Video How They Win: Ham Radio Contest Secrets from N6MJ and KL9A.
Dan Craig N6MJ and Chris Hurlbutt KL9A are phenoms in the ham radio contesting world. They’ve competed 9 times at the World Radiosport Team Championships and have been on the podium together twice - Gold in 2014 and Bronze in 2018. I caught up with Dan and Chris just days after their 1st (N6MJ) and 2nd (KL9A) place finishes in the 2023 CQ Worldwide CW contest Single Operator High Power All Band category. For that contest, Dan traveled to ZF1A in Grand Cayman and Chris to TI7W in Costa Rica. They are open about their operating strengths and weaknesses but especially talk about the preparation and station excellence that are required to win. There is much to learn from Dan and Chris' commitment to ham radio, their high level of operating skills, and a reminder that at the end of the day we all share a fun and camaraderie filled hobby.

Ham Amateur Radio Ham Radio Contest Secrets N6MJ KL9A

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