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HI2RCD Saona Island

Members of Radio Club Dominicano will be active from Saona Island (IOTA NA-122) 5 - 6 February 2011 as HI2RCD.
They will be active on 80 - 10 m.

Saona Island – Unspoiled Nature and Beauty

In Spanish, it’s known as Isla Saona, but travelers know this destination as Saona Island. It is a lovely, tropical island found a short distance from the Dominican Republic. The island is a nature reserve that the government protects. Tourists arrive from many places, in small motorboats and fleets of catamarans.

If you have heard of this island, you’ll know that its beautiful beaches are its trademark. Advertisers and filmmakers have used itfor “desert island” scenes.

What Is the Weather Like?

The climate of Saona is mostly quite temperate. The average temperature during the month of January is 84°F and their average June “summer” temperature is 61°F.

Palm Trees and Sandy Beaches

This island has palm trees, blue skies and white, sandy beaches to offer travelers from everywhere. It is rich with a variety of wildlife, particularly many types of fish and birds. Tourists enjoy the island for its snorkeling and its laid back, relaxed way of life.

If you wish to reach Saona Island, you can only do it by boat. Many local hotels offer trips. Remember that this island is a nature preserve, and please keep the area beautiful by taking all your litter back off the island when you leave.

Go Sailing!

You’ll find unforgettable adventures when you sail off Saona. It is easily the most stunning travel location found in the Dominican Republic. The views of East National Park are simply breathtaking.

During your sailing adventure, your staff will ensure that you have a good time. When you arrive, you’ll have the rest of your day to bathe in the crystal waters and dine on a delicious buffet.

Speedboat tours are available, too, and they often stop by what is called the "natural pool”, which has an abundance of colorful, interesting starfish.

Saona Island HI2RCD

Scuba Diving Adventures

Scuba diving in Saona is exhilarating, whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver. The Caribbean waters are pristine and they give you excellent visibility. Dive with the sea life and vibrant coral. Your holiday vacation can bring new underwater experiences.

Saona Island DX News HI2RCD

Learn the Island History

Christopher Columbus gave the island its name, on his trip to what would be America. He gave the island this name in honor of the commune of Savona, which was Columbus’ home at the time. He named a friend as the first island governor. The island still has ties to the city of Savona, Italy. There is a small power plant used in Saona that was a gift from Savona.

Saona Excursion

One popular island adventure is the Saona Excursion. This private tour takes you to the less populous beaches. You will be taken to three remote Saona Island beaches, and the whole trip is centered on nature. You will visit the vibrant, small village of Mano Juan on the south coast of Saona. Guides that speak good English give personal attention and a quality experience. These tours leave earlier in the morning than the crowds, and come back later, so you’ll have quite a full day.

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