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ID9DXC Aeolian Islands

The callsign ID9DXC will be used by the staff of DxCoffee to transmit from the Aeolian Islands group (IOTA EU-017) activating some rare or semi-rare rocks and islands valid for the I.I.A. (Italian Island Award).
The activity will be spread out starting from the end of 2011 through out the entire year of 2012. It will begin tomorrow from the Island of Panarea (IOTA EU-017), Italian Island Award ME-006, World Lighthouse on the Air WLOTA LH-2210 (if weather conditions permit)
A special card will be printed for each reference the team activate.
QSL via Antonello Scauso IT9YVO direct or buro.

73 de Giorgio IZ4AKS

Aeolian Islands ID9DXC Panarea Island

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