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IH9X IH9R Pantelleria Island

IK1QBT Tony and IZ1GAR Emilio, will be QRV from Pantelleria Island (AF-019 - WLOTA 0041), between November 23th - 30th 2010.
In the CQWW CW contest (Nov. 27 - 28th) Tony will be single band 80 meters as IH9X and Emilio as IH9R single band 40 meters.
Pantelleria counts a multiplier zone 33 Africa Italy for the CQWW DX rule (island are located over the African continent platform).
Prior to the contest they will be putting an emphasis on the low bands as IH9/IK1QBT and IH9/IZIGAR.
QSL via their home calls.

Pantelleria Island IH9X IH9R

Pantelleria Island IH9X IH9R DX News

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