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JW7XK, JW9DL and JW6VM will be active from Svalbard, IOTA EU - 026, 9 - 14 October 2024.
JW9DL and JW6VM will be active on HF Bands and JW7XK will be on satellites, mostly RS-44.
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During SAC Contest they will be active as JW5X in MO Category.
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JW7XK via LA7XK.
JW6VM via LA6VM.
JW9DL via LA9DL.
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Svalbard Archipelago

The inaccessible North has long fascinated travellers with its beauty, and one of the most beautiful places is the Svalbard Archipelago, consisting of several islands, the largest of which bears the same name.

Svalbard JW7XK JW6VM JW9DL JW5X DX News

At the very edge of the Earth

The archipelago lies between the shores of Norway and the North Pole, washed by the Arctic Ocean. Its second name is Svalbard, which means "land of ice". The northernmost point of Europe has been the property of the Kingdom of Norway since 1920 and, despite the permafrost, is an important tourist destination. Travellers are attracted to the island by the mesmerising Arctic landscapes, unique fauna and the opportunity to feel like an Arctic pioneer.

The climate on Svalbard is quite mild for this geographical latitude. Arctic frosts are mitigated by warm currents. At the height of July the temperature can reach 6C, and in winter time it rarely drops below -15C.

It is best to visit the island in summer, but from March to May there are many people willing to immerse themselves in the northern romance. At this time, the polar day begins (from April), but there is still a lot of snow, and travellers will find a lot of snow fun and entertainment.

Svalbard Island DX News JW7XK JW6VM JW9DL JW5X

Watch out! Polar bears and permafrost!

These Arctic inhabitants are not just one of Svalbard's most important natural attractions. The animals can pose a real threat to locals and tourists alike. About two thousand animals live on the island (for comparison, the number of locals does not exceed three thousand).

Even when going to a bar, locals don't forget to bring their guns to protect themselves from polar bears, and shooting lessons are an important part of the curriculum for the island's young inhabitants.

Tourists can rent guns at special rental centres. However, if only group organised excursions are planned, these measures are unnecessary. And those who want to explore the island on their own should think about their own safety.

The second problem is the Arctic cold. If a trip to the island is scheduled in winter, you should buy high-quality thermal underwear and special Arctic clothing. In summer, the island is relatively warm.

Svalbard JW7XK JW6VM JW9DL JW5X Tourist attractions spot

What to do on Svalbard?

Almost all excursions and activities on the island are related to ice and snow. Svalbard visitors are offered ski trips (you can take an hour-long walk or go on a full-day trip), snowmobile rides and dog sledding.

Combined multi-day hikes are also available to explore the island's remote areas. Travellers make the crossings on skis, dogs or snowmobiles and can admire the cold beauty of the eternal ice and see the aurora borealis.

You can also cruise around the archipelago on a liner, go horse riding, canoeing or conquer the peaks of the local mountains. Troll Mountain, an 850 metre high rock formation, is particularly popular with climbers.

Excursion programme

Svalbard is a real paradise for palaeontologists. A huge number of fossils with imprints of representatives of prehistoric flora and fauna are found here. The age of finds dates back to 40-60 million years BC. Moreover, there are so many of these prehistoric rarities on the island that the authorities allow them to be freely exported.

Another unique attraction of Svalbard is ice caves and glaciers. While exploring, travellers are simply fascinated by the beauty of the permafrost.

Among the man-made attractions one can mention the Svalbard Museum, which presents expositions telling about the history of the archipelago, its fauna and flora, geology, and the life of local residents. It is also worth mentioning the Air Museum, where you can learn about the first flights to the North Pole, and the Store Art Gallery, where the works of local artists are presented.

The church in Longyear is also worthy of attention. This small structure is the northernmost church in the world.

The dog farm, where sled dogs are bred and trained, is also worth a visit.

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