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Fairytale about Grandpa

There was once an old man – the Grandpa – and he had his favorite toy and committee, which he minded but not listened to too much.
The Grandpa would often do things on his own principle of "Quod licet Jovi, non licet bov"
Every now and then they would get the Grandpa with all kinds of complaints and the Grandpa was rejecting it as much as he could.
At one day the foreign columbian knights came to the Grandpa and they said- Oh
please,dear Grandpa, protect us from this Russian robber who visits our country
and operates in the contests but doesnt pay a penny.Well,he pays some but to
the american beast not to us.And if you ignore this claim we wont play your games
anymore and we will even push you off the throne.
Our Grandpa gave this claim a serious consideration, and since nobody wants to be pushed off the warm chair he replied:
"The policy of the CQ WW is to strictly enforce legal operations and to make sure a country's regulations are complied with completely,".
Little by little got our Grandpa an old man. And one can’t return the youth.
Some may still remember a country of Karen, and our Grandpa had nothing against it.
And replied our Grandpa to the columbians – Once you give me the sealed document I will finish the russian robber at once. I will DQ him to set the example for others forever.
An unfair decision of Grandpa,though.
Well he’s trying to make a russian look like a robber since russian violates local instructions, but what about this poor serbian lad?
The Serbian have found the warm country by the Mediteraanean coast of Africa and started visiting the place every now and then
Well he obeys the laws of the country. By the way, a maximum of 100W output RF power is allowed in this country for the amateurs. Our Grandpa doesn’t want to know this and keeps placing this poor serbian in the High Power entries.
What for, Grandpa?
Well,really our Granpa is a very kind person.
This serbian guy is just a naughty one. So, let it be.
And why not the serbian fall down on his knees and cry “ Oh, Dear Grandpa, what do you hate me for? Well, I can’t operate with High Power, I love my Dear so much, that’s why I declaire High Power! Now give back all my Low Power records!"
If so, the Grandpa will feel sorry for the poor serbian and everything will turn to the good in the end.
We must admit the Grandpa shows signs of a changes.
Has he eat age reversing apples?
Seems like he’s getting more strict to the violators.
I am looking at at him and just admire more and more.
Don’t you be afraid of blackmail. We’ll protect you all together.

A fairytale is a lie (not this one), but has a lesson for the youngsters!

73 Al 4L5A
For those in doubdt:
The Grandpa – K3EST

“bloody-eager” columbians – HK3CQ
Russian “robber” – RA3CO
"Poor" Serbian guy – YT1AD
Representatives of Karen country 1Z9A, 1Z9B..... always counted like multiplier in CQWW Contest
The output Power Limiter for "poor" Serbian-TeleCommuniction Administring Entity of Tunis.

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Juan Camilo Rodríguez
  • Callsign: HK3CQ
  • 2009-01-15 18:15:16
It is regrettable the manner reality has been distorted with the operation of RA3CO, Dimitri Kriukov and YL2KL, Girts Budis in Colombia during the CQWW DX past contests. This is all really very amusing to read the comments of people who venture to speculate, providing false accusations against me without even knowing the truth of the facts, coming to false conclusions, concluding about facts they don’t know and even adjusting the Colombian law to advocate for illegal operations. For this I do have to clarify the following: - The complaint submitted to the Ministry of Communications of Colombia was not only signed by me, HK3CQ, but also by 20 other recognized and noted dxers and contesters in Colombia. We are not unknown or anonymous; we are active hams and knowledgable of Colombian ham regulations and international contests. Among others, our complaint was signed/endorsed by HK3W, HK3CW, HK6DOS, HK1X, HK6P, HK3O, HK3TU, HJ3LAO, HJ3MQ, HK3GXI, HK3PSA, HK3GAL, HK3LGO, HK3Q, HK4KDO, HK1KXA, HK3JCA, HJ3LAO and HJ3MQ besides HK7AJE as the President of the Federation of Ham Clubs in Colombia, FRACOL (for its Spanish acronym), the national association which groups the largest number of hams in the country. Some of those who endorsed the complaint are not even members of FRACOL, I mention this as it has been said that the signatures had been wrongfully acquired, when on the contrary it was a spontaneous, conscientious and independent action. From the date the complaint was filed to the Ministry, many other Colombian hams have expressed their support and today, without a doubt, many others would additionally endorse the complaint. - 4L5A and LU5DX have tried to diminish the accusations against RA3CO and YL2KL throwing dirt at HK3CQ with false and ridiculous accusations. Remember that not only HK3CQ has complained, in defense of the dignity and honesty of ham radio in Colombia but a number of other Colombian hams have endorsed this action, as many other hams from different parts of the world. Now 4L5A and LU5DX would have to fabricate more lies against all the signees and the facts would still be the same, RA3CO and YL2KL violated Colombian ham regulations and the rules of the CQWW DX operating without a license and operating using a lent call, expressly prohibited by our ham legislation, where guest operators are also prohibited. Section 9 of Article 76 of Decree 2058 of 1995, of the Colombian Ham regulations; specify that the holder of a ham license in Colombia “cannot allow the use of their call sign to any other person”. Article 16 of the same Decree reads: “To be able to operate as a ham radio operator, a license must be obtained from the Ministry of Communications, previously having approved the requirements indicated in this Decree”. Therefore, the accused did not file for a license, they simply and abusively took the call signs of other hams; RA3CO did it twice, in 2007 and 2008, knowingly. Maybe HK1RA did lend his call (he has also been included in our complaint) but HK3RA, Wolfgang Torres, never lent his call and was never even requested to do so. - Evidently I HK3CQ, sent the information to K3EST advising about the abnormality and requesting DQ. It was the least I could do, being the CQ checkpoint for Colombia, besides all who signed the letter knew about this. Therefore the actions have not been solely on my part, nor have they been secret, everything has been public, transparent and in writing for everybody to see. - The aforementioned means that I never violated the good faith principle. On the contrary, who violated the code were the unfortunate hams that took a risk, operating illegally knowingly, but looked the other way, thinking they wouldn’t get caught, deceiving the ham community worldwide. The CQWW contest committee was also deceived as logs were sent, knowing they had acted illegally. - It would be very interesting that LU5DX unveiled the names of the Colombian hams that according to him did not endorse our complaints. This is not a poll or a probe for opinions, where the majority wins. This is about the truth and the law, all so simple. It would be amusing to know the calls of the HK’s that LU5DX says he contacted and they, if they exist, have no legal bearing and even less ham ethics or plain ethics for that matter. These hams should then promote changes in our legislation to change into legal what today is illegal, promoting self assignment of call signs, no licensing and radio anarchy. Sounds great doesn’t it? - Also it was said that why did we not act before. If it weren’t for the operation of RA3CO it would all be still unknown, but due to his overwhelming hunger for another win, he decided to cross the line again (2008) and shoot for the stars the second time, if he wasn’t caught the first time why would he the second? We discovered the illegal operation of 2007 by looking at the results of the CQWW of 2007, where it clearly specifies that he operated as HK1AR. From this some local hams became suspicious and knowing that behind all this was HK1AR (W4OI) further research was performed finding the rest of the irregularities we listed in our complaint to the Ministry of Com. We are not professional PI’s to investigate the legality of every HK call on the airwaves but this came about because we heard the call HK3RA being used before and during the contest from somebody on CW, knowing that the legal owner of the call, Wolfgang Torres, is not a contester and does not know the code. We asked him directly and found the string that led us to the whole story behind that call and others in years prior. Simple story! - The tale that HK3CQ created the story so he could rent his station is despicable! I have never rented my place and never will. Fortunately I live from my work as an economist, and PhD in history; I work in one of the most prestigious universities of my country, and an advisor and consultant and have the honor of being the VP of the Colombian Academy of History, without deepening further into my résumé. Therefore, I do not need to rent my ham shack. This lie was likely made-up by Anthony Rogozinsky HK1AR (W4OR) to discredit me, misinform and conceal his illegal operations. The facts are simple: A few years back when Mr. Rogozinsky came to Colombia, when I and others did not know of his antics, I lent (not rent) my ham station in my farm. From there he operated as 5K5Z, I traveled with HK3CW to check on him and ask him why he was operating as 5K5 when he should have operated as 5K3. He said it had been a mistake from the Ministry of Communications. At least on that occasion he did file for a legal license. The “mistake” … I never believed in, the ministry is very cautious with the paperwork and mistakes are corrected before any operation. Once Alberto Silva, LU1DZ, asked me for a QTH to rent to operate from Colombia and I provided Mr. Rogozinsky’s place in Cartagena, sending him the link. I never said I rented a place, I just told him of that place, the only one I knew of at the time. Later and slowly I and other Colombian hams began to understand the type of person Mr. Rogozinsky really was and began to distance ourselves from him. We also later knew of his EBay scams (he has had more than 34 eBay names and has been kicked off 33 times!). Now he resurfaces with false accusations to stand up for his illegal actions. - If any ham decided to travel to Russia, Georgia or Argentina for a CQWW contest and use RA3CO, 4L5A or LU5DX or any other invented call, without any regard to local ham regulations, what would be the reaction of the impersonated hams? Would they disqualify them? Well this is the case, here and it is totally incomprehensible for us that some out there are pretending to justify these illegal operations, absolutely incredible! - It is absurd to think that because the CQWW contest committee has not DQ’d anybody we are promoting a boycott against them, we are not as dumb as you think we are. This issue has other connotations and we trust that the contest committee will value our complaints and take the appropriate decisions. We will continue to participate and enjoy contests from Colombia, but we will not turn our heads to illegal operations, this is our land and it deserves respect. - CQ has requested a formal response from the Ministry of Communications of Colombia. If this has not been submitted yet, it is because they have not taken any actions yet, it is not because they have denied our complaints, this issue is taken very seriously in Colombia and the Ministry does not act without taking the appropriate and legal actions against ham operators without making it’s own investigations. For you who still after all our research and evidence still do not believe our findings, just ask RA3CO and YL2KL for their legal operating license in Colombia, anybody who has operated legally from Colombia in the past will surely provide their license. We requested this to the CQWW contest committee more than a month ago. Will we ever see a legal license from Colombia from any of these two “hams”? I believe not!