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KH0N Saipan Island

Tony, JA6CNL will be active as KH0N from Saipan Island, IOTA OC - 086, 6 - 12 June 2024.
He will operate on HF Bands, mainly FT8, FT4.
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At the edge of the world: Saipan

In the westernmost part of the Pacific Ocean, at the junction of tectonic plates, the Mariana Islands stretch in an arc. This is one of the largest island groups in the world: it includes 15 large islands with a total area of just over a thousand square kilometers. Territorially, the Mariana Islands are divided into two political units: Independent Guam and the Northern Island Community. Saipan is the largest island of the North Island Entity, where all political and economic activities of the archipelago are centered.

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A glimpse into the abyss: geography and climate

The distance from Saipan to the nearest shore is almost 3,000 kilometers, which automatically places it among the farthest from the mainland. The island is washed on all sides by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to a huge number of coastal reefs, the coastline is protected from rough currents and storm waves.

Saipan is the second largest island in the archipelago, the total area including coastal formations is about 120 square kilometers. Despite the fact that Saipan is almost 5 times smaller than Guam, it is here that most of the entire population of the Northern part of the archipelago lives - more than 50 thousand people according to the 2016 census.

Saipan can be divided into two parts: western and eastern. The former is characterized by a flat volcanic surface, sandy beaches and the absence of sharp elevation changes. It is on the western part of Saipan that most of the settlements are located.

This is due to the influx of tourists, who are attracted by the quiet shallow lagoons with coral reefs, surrounded by evergreen forests. The eastern tip of Saipan is characterized by a rocky surface and ends in a sharp cliff. This is where the descent into the famous Mariana Trench, the deepest place on our planet, begins.

The flora and fauna of Saipan are represented by thousands of species of plants, animals and fish. Many of them are endemic and are listed in the International Red Book.

Fruit trees, exotic flowers, orchids, green iguanas and rainbow-colored lizards - most of the exotic species are concentrated in the Saipan Botanical Garden, which is open to the public.

Saipan's climate is remarkably flat and predictable: the island has even been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the area with the smallest temperature variations throughout the year. The average air temperature throughout the year is between +25 and +27 degrees Celsius - even in the rainy season the air does not cool down, which can cause ambivalent feelings among inexperienced travelers.

Coral Alleyways of Oleai Saipan Island. Tourist attractions spot KH0NCoral Alleyways of Oleai Saipan Island. Author - amanderson2.

From Hand to Hand: History and the Present

The first settlers on Saipan appeared long before humans took to the sea - about 2,000 BC. However, the island only became known to the general public in the 17th century when a Spanish mission landed on the island. The Mariana Archipelago was incorporated into the Spanish Empire. Saipan, as the largest and most developed island of the archipelago, was used as an international port, which served as an impetus for its development.

Alas, the island was not spared a typical colonial history. In the late 18th century, Saipan was occupied by the United States. After two years of bloody war, the island was sold to Germany, a position it held until 1915, when it was taken over by the Empire of Japan. After World War II, Saipan voluntarily joined the U.S. overseas possessions of the Pacific Islands.

In the late 1980s, a final voluntary association agreement with the United States was signed, giving the Mariana Islands the status of an independent administrative unit with its own executive and legislative powers.

Saipan Island KH0N

In Paradise: Tourism Infrastructure

Saipan can safely be called the most touristy island of the archipelago. It should be noted that the Mariana Islands themselves are not very popular with tourists - the reason for this is remoteness from the mainland, high prices and a certain area of mystery. Few people know that this archipelago can offer a full range of tourist services: from a quiet beach holiday, and ending with extreme diving to a depth of several hundred meters.

Saipan is the center of the archipelago's tourism industry. By the number of hotels, stores, shopping centers, restaurants and bars, it is seriously ahead of the much larger Guam. That said, all the nightlife is centered in the town of Garapan. Unfortunately, prices on Saipan are somewhat higher than in the rest of the region and are comparable to those in Japan. You can rent a room for several hundred dollars a day - fortunately, due to the even warm climate, you can get by with private bungalows.KH0N. Where is Saipan Island located. Map.

Public transportation on Saipan is in its infancy - it is recommended to use car rental services, or rent a boat. In addition, Saipan is devoid of all the charms of the industrial revolution: there are no industrial complexes or factories that pollute the environment.

Ecologically clean air and water, surprisingly mild predictable climate, absence of dangerous insects, jellyfish and snakes make Saipan an ideal place for lovers of exotic vacations.

KH0N. Where is Saipan Island located. Map.

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