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VK0TH QRT - Operator behavior has become a problem JA stations and EU stations that constantly call over other stations, don't hear or jam have turned a fun hobby into a stressful environment.
I worked over 200 JA stations today (13/14 January) and when sending NO JA in the call it all got very ugly.
I will be QRT for the next few days while I re-evaulate how much radio i will continue doing while on Macquarie Island and how it is done.
My apologies to those that wanted VK0/M, I can't see this behaviour changing and I'm not willing to spend my free time doing something that is no longer fun.
My apologies.

Trevor VK0TH
Macquarie Island VK0TH QSL

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Bill G
  • Callsign: Anonymous
  • 2012-03-01 16:17:42
I agree wholeheartedly with VA2WT. It's just too easy to get a license these days. Some of the new "extras" I hear on the air make me cringe. Really sad.
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Nigel Ferguson
  • Callsign: g0bpk
  • 2012-01-15 07:00:37
Very sad that the hobby has come to this. On many occasions when trying to work a new country I've just switched off because of the behavior of some "operators". Really want a contact with VK0TH, but agree with you going QRT. Maybe if all DX stations were to take similar actions, or make it plain that there would be no QSLs for stations causing QRM, etc, things may improve in time. The other problem is with the clusters. I use them a lot and they are a good tool, but when people just dial in a spot frequency and call, despite not hearing the DX, they make matters worse. Best wishes from Yorkshire.
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guy cossette
  • Callsign: va2wt
  • 2012-01-14 10:28:46
pse trevor ,you can try a pre-request list ! in that case you need a station from new zealand or australia to make a list and then call them and try to make a qso
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guy cossette
  • Callsign: va2wt
  • 2012-01-14 10:23:15
you are right trevor , i tried to work you this morning ,but the ja wall wont stop !may be you can work only by skeds and qrt !make a calling list after requests and if you can hear the stn and he can hear you , will be easier !! in the old days many dx stations worked like that ,and it produced good results ! i am on dx for 34 years and the dxer behaviour is constantly dropping ,it is too easy now to get a ham licence : i got mine at the age of 11 years and 11 months and i studied hard for 2 years before to get it !! keep the faith because i hope to see you for a new one soon !! take a break ,it could be benefict !!