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N5TJs Score Operated at CR2X


I didn’t stand it, and I decided to write a note to this subject.
Severities towards Jeff N5TJ are being sounded.

A reputed contester noted there, “I don’t believe it!..:-) Something is wrong about it.

“It was for a reason that somewhat forgotten Martti tested hard remote control of that station in September...

“This all reminds me the same mysteriously strange operation from EA8, when the new world record was achieved."

Another, less reputed contestman noted, "Simple calculation shows that one has to make 3.3 QSO per minute within 48 hours period. It’s clear, that in SSB one may work even more.
But… 48 hours in the same rate? What about some meals, drinks, visiting the plumbing?
I’m doubtful as well.

“Folks, who was there from another side of the pile-up? Tell me please, how did you feel there? Is this possible?"

I did not understand the first notice, and I do understand why this guy needed to bring such charges?
Are there any doubts in the EA8BH record?

I reviewed EA8BH logs, both SSB and CW, that Jeff submitted to me personally. The log is fine, it doesn’t call any doubts. Perhaps, the guy had to ask for the log prior to open the discussion.

N5TJ is able to make 480 QSO per hour.
Honestly speaking, I expected Jeff would make more than 9500 QSOs. I congratulate Jeff with such score, and with his return into contesting after a break. I’d like to thank Martti for his efforts to bring Jeff back to us.

73 Al 4L5A

PS By the way, prior to the contest I forecasted Jeff will outrange his rivals with a speed not less than 50 QSO per hour.

If anyone monitored Jeff’s operation, he might have a question why Jeff made only 9500 QSOs?

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  • Callsign: NP4Z
  • 2011-06-19 05:43:28
Ive been behind Jeff operating on both modes on cqww from my QTH. I can attest that his focus and planning are like I never seen. I anticipated and told personaly to jeff that he would break the 9k Qsos and 15 mill, and he told me that was impossible well..... He did it!! Anybody that raises doubts of Jeff's operatnig should only have to look into his log and follow every minute is all there in the logs. Of course his claims are entirely possible. The reality is that Jeff's skill is so great that after I saw his score from my QTH, I felt like like a very unskilled operator kudos to the Arkala group. Felipe NP4Z
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  • Callsign: OK1FDR
  • 2010-12-05 13:29:01
"N5TJ is able to make 480 QSO per minute. ".... wow .. I should sell my radio :-)))