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The Observer program in CQ WW DX Contest

As I have noted in the previous article the CQ WW CC is being very active in changing the contest rules behind the backs of the contest community.
In common the fatal flaw of the greatest reformers often lies in the fact that they do not think about the consequences the reforms could bring, but they make the reforms for reforms sake.
For example let's see the Observer program.
It has been announced by the Contest Committee with the great pomposity.
The CQWW CC appealed to the contest community to encourage the contesters for participation.
YT1AD/3V8BB took it seriously and refused to participate. The rest were disappointed.
Any idea can be perverted, but it was not an end.
I do not know what instructions were given to the observers by K3EST (publicly it was said the observers should be as imperceptible as possible), but the observers were not present at the stations for 10 or more hours, so the observations can be interpreted as imperfect.
By the way the number of the observers was not enough for all the stations requiring observation.
Again, classical authors have something on this:

  A Rascal-Monkey               Donkey               Billy Goat        And klunky Bear        Set out to play a string Quartet.   They found some scores, viola, bass, two violins       And sat down in a lea beneath a linden tree       To charm the world with art.   They struck their strings, and sawed with all their heart.   No luck. "Arrete, my fellows, stop!" shouts Monkey,                                         "Wait!"   How can the music play when you're not sitting straight?   You, Bearie, opposite viola move your bass,         As primo, I'll sit opposite secundo's face         And then some music will take place.         We'll make the hills and forests dance!"         They took their seats and started the Quartet,         And once again it came to nyet.         "Hold on! I know the secret!"         Shouts Donkey, "It is bound to come out fine                If everyone sits in a line."   They followed Donkey's plan and settled in a row;      But even so, the music would not go.    More fiercely than before they argued then                       About          Who should be sitting where.  A nightingale, in passing, chanced the noise to hear.   At once, they turned to her to solve their problem.  The pleaded, "Please, spare us some time  To make of our quartet a paradigm:  We have our instruments and scores,                      Just tell us how to sit!"   "For making music, you must have the knack          And ears more musical than yours,"          The nightingale comes back,          "And you, my friends, no matter your positions,           Will never be musicians!"  CQ WW Contest Committee Observer Programm  

73 Al 4L5A

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