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P29ZL Papua New Guinea

KD5SSF will be active from Ukarumpa , Papua New Guinea as P29ZL.
QSL via W1YRC.

I am an American volunteering for a couple years in Papua New Guinea as an electronics technician with a translation and literacy organization. I am just getting my station set up. I work Monday through Friday, so my Amateur Radio activity will be restricted to evenings and Saturday/Sunday. My wife and I have other interests, so we do not spend all our spare time on the radio.

My modes will be PSK31 and SSB. My radio is capable of maximum power of 100 W.

I am just now getting my antennas up. I will be operating using inverted V antennas. I will be here for a while, so I am not hurrying about setting things up. I plan to try out a makeshift 20 m antenna later today, and eventually put up a multi-band with 10, 15, 20, and 40 m.

Tim P29ZL

Ukarumpa Papua New Guinea P29ZL

Cannibal Tribe Papua New Guinea P29ZL

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