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PJ2/PA0VDV Curacao Island

Joeke, PA0VDV will be active again from Curacao Island, IOTA SA-099, 16 January - 8 February 2018, as PJ2/PA0VDV.
He will operate on 80 - 10m CW only.
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Caribbean Paradise Island – Curacao

An island situated in the south Caribbean Sea. It also forms part of the Dutch Caribbean. The Curacao state includes in itself the main and even small island. It also includes in it the unpopulated and even unoccupied island of “little Curacao” by the people. It is also called the fundamental country of the Netherland’s Kingdom. Its population is almost more than the 150,000 which are being settled on the area occupied by them in 444 kilometer square. The capital city of the Curacao State is Willemstad.

Some History of Curacao:

The original people of Curacao were mainly called the Arawaks. Their dynasties had decided to migrate from South America to the Island Curacao, so this result in their lives on this Island Curacao. This was happened hundreds and thousand years ago, when Europe got the time to come across. The first and fore most Europeans who have seen by their selves that this Curacao was the land of Spain and was being under the ownership of Alonso in the year 1499. The Spain people confined most of the Curacao inhabitants at their own workers. They most of the time also do some forceful acts like moving the survivors to their colonies or towns where most of the workers or labors were need for working. 1634 was the year of independence for the country Netherlands from the country Spain. At that time the Dutch people living in colonies decided to occupy most of the island area. Curacao also has fewer deposits of Gold so that’s the main reason to get ignored and less attention by the colonist people. The natural port of Willemstad has proven itself that it is the most ideal place for doing trading. This place also became the most important place for doing shipping of goods and different products. The shipping and commerce and even the piracy of the country has being the most important money making activities of the country easily.

Economy of Curacao State:

Curacao economy is widely open. This economy gets higher by the widely coming tourist and also by the trading at international level. The shipping services and even the refining of the oil and storage of oil are playing the most important role in increasing the economy of Curacao. The financial services on the international level are also being playing an important role in the economic sector of the Curacao state. Its economy is the most developed economy in the world as it is giving a great strength to upgrade the standards of lifestyle of people. It the world’s 46th ranked country as because of its gross domestic products per capita. This country is even considered the 27th world’s country in being the nominal GDP country per capita. Curacao even holds the economy of highest income as this is being approved by the World Bank. Most of its activities that are related to the port give a great and significant part of money to its economy. You can say that a big part of huge money is being added to the economy of the country by the ports of the country that are being playing an important role in the import and export of the country. Government’s aims are also main part of the economy to be achieved as to make them possible by having the diversity in the economy of the country. Most of the foreign investors and companies that are being attracted by the strong contractors are being attracted just to make the country more economically enhanced. A new policy named as the “open Arms” is also being introduced by the government that have being focused completely on the IT (information technology) organizations so that the world also know the Curacao islands in the IT field and it works its best in that field even.

Curacao Island PJ2/PA0VDV DX News

Tourism of Curacao:

Tourism is also one of the best role playing things present in any state or country. Curacao Island is also one of that which is rich in the tourism. The economy of the Curacao is being higher by the tourism and day after day its being getting high by the higher season of tourists coming in Curacao Island. Most of the tourist came from the East US and even from the South America. Netherland is also giving a huge number of tourists to the Curacao Island. The tourism grows in the time of vacations as people and even most of the family travel towards the Curacao Island for having their vacations spend amazingly. The Caribbean is also being leaded by the voyage tourism that is being growing with the number of 610,186 cruise travellers in the year 2013. This has given the 41.4 percent of increment in the tourism from the year ago. The Curacao Island international airport at the time of tourism months always receives a number of 1,772,501 travellers in every year. The recently told investments on the capital of Curacao at the time of tourism period were almost more than 48 million US dollars. After that the main thing which was done in the year 2013 was the transformation of the airport which was then transformed into a regional hub that was also being counted in the largest international hubs.

Curacao Island PJ2/PA0VDV

Now to tell about the recent changes that have being held in this New Year 2015 was the rocket plane has being introduced by the name Lynx that is being expected to fly with the tourism of the space that is done for the scientific researches and different space missions. This has also introduced a new space port in the Curacao Island.

This Island also got a sharp drop off that is being named as the “Blue Edge”. Scuba diving has also increased its tourists that are interested to visit their each year even especially for the vista. Coral bars are also introduced for swimming and scuba diving is being easily arranged without having a water boat. The water at the south coast is also calm and even in includes much kind of small beaches that is having a lot of swimmers on it.

PJ2/PA0VDV. Where is Curacao Island located. Map.

PJ2/PA0VDV Curacao Island. Sunrise 12-04-2023 at 10:41 GMT sunset at 22:10 GMT
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