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PJ4W Bonaire Island 2012

The Curacao Radio Amateur Club VERONA is planning an operation using the Antennas of Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Bonaire Shortwave repeater.
The crew will consist of Brett, PJ2BR; Victor, PJ2VR, Carlo, PJ2CF, Castro, PJ2CFM, Ronny, PJ2CL, Sergio, PJ2SM, Hans PJ4LS and Peter, PJ4NX

Operation is planned on September 8th and 9th using the callsign PJ4W on 20 and 17 mtrs during the time frame 13:30 UTC to 19:30 hrs daily, Sat-Sun.

QSLs (please only direct) to DL1THM (Torsten Harenberg, Kreuzbergstr. 75, 40489 Düsseldorf, Germany)

best 73s
Torsten DL1THM

Bonaire Island PJ4W

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