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RD3A - Start or Finish

The last week the most discussed topic at contestru was Valery Komarov's, RD3A, operation in contests.

Many subscribers publically and privately accused Komarov that Alexander Gimanov, RZ3AZ, operates instead, or together with him.

Perhaps, many do not know, that in parallel with that, an article in NCJ (National Contest Journal) was published. This article is NCJ interview with Jeff Steinman, N5TJ.

NCJ asked Jeff whether he is ready, after his CQ WW SSB success, to try a challenge to compete against EF8M team in the CQ WW CW.

Jeff replied that it would be hard to beat a station located in three-point area from one-point area. But he is ready to try this, provided both stations would agree to WRTC-style on site with full-time referees.

I would like to say, my initial acquaintance with Valery Komarov took place because of his CQ WW CW operation. Honestly, I do not remember the year. He operated together with UA3DX, and applied as SOSB 20M, - and that for sure was interpreted by referees as clear violation. UA3DX of course was not in the operators list :-)

Valery Komarov assured me, that this was a mistake, and asked me to support him in order not to be DQ'ed. Due to this, I sent letter to Bob, K3EST. In this letter I wrote that Valery realized his error and promised me that similar things will never happen again, and I felt to believe him.

Valery, in his turn, also wrote a letter to Bob, where he recognized he was operating not alone, asked to forgive him, and promised that this will not happen in the future.

In parallel, another scandal occurred at contestru with regard to RD3A operation in the IARU HF Contest where he claimed the top SO score operating together with Leonid Radchenko, RN3AZ.

Many well-known contesters expressed distrust to Komarov, and declared to send their objections to the Contest sponsors. In reply to this, Komarov stated in contestru, his log will be sent as M/S, but he dissembled, and applied as Single Op and won the first place in the world.

It is necessary to say, that after this Komarov's operations became relatively honest, and he actually started to grow up as contester.

I think, his first SOAB trip to EA8 was considerably demonstrative. His result was well-deserved. Although, he had UA3AKO and RX3DU joined him in that trip, they did not operate for him.

I had many conversations with Valery, I explained him, that in general, he is capable to win the CQ WW himself, and 48 hours operation would not be a problem. He replied, 48 hours is not feasible format.

Unfortunately, further situation went the worst way.
RZ3AZ was employed as the second operator, and things went off and rolling.
Not a progress, but evident regress had started.

The results were not long in coming, - there came DQ's in the EUHF, and in the CQ WW DX CW.

Bob, K3EST, and Roger, G3SXW, made 'shot in Valery's eye' with their inspection.

There's no point to discuss this inspection again, it was completely described in the article at and in another articles. It was proved, Roger spent less than 24 hours at the station. It needs to be said, many in EA8 are still laughing about this inspection.

Well, what I would like to say. For sure, we may involve many people like OH1RY, EA8ZS, K2NG, and others, and they perhaps will confirm he was operating alone. But the main point doesn't change, as Valery knows perfectly himself how he does operate.

Indeed, one does not need a soft, operating styles can be easely recognized aurally, even if they are deformed by the Morse Runner.

For me in general, current situation of RD3A is absolutely clear. Engaging RZ3AZ into his operations, lead to the fact that he did not gain any skills, but even lost the experience he had before.

More effective, probably, would be if RZ3AZ operated the complete contest alone, but perhaps because of self-satisfaction, Valery needed to operate a part of the contest himself.

What happens when RZ3AZ operates contest alone, one can see the WPX CW 2010 results.

Let's go back to the contestru discussion.

After Willy's, UA9BA, accusations, Alexander, RZ3AZ, invited Willy to visit EF8M position during the CQ WW WPX CW 2011, and accepted all his terms in provision of contest records and log right after the contest.

I think, Valery perfectly knows what will be the result of UA9BA visit during the WPX CW, and perhaps, there is a reason to refuse and think about what is happening and where will this lead him to?

I am sure, if Valery will change his approach, he would be able to reach top scores single-handed.

So, he has to decide whether this is a start, or finish.

I think, it is senseless to further discuss the subject, as everything depends on the conscience of the particular person.

It is clear to me, that looking in a mirror, Valery will not be able to tell himself he won any contest.

73 Al 4L5A

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