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Rejection of C91VM QSL

For those wishing to claim credit for October 2009 contacts with C91VM (AF-061, AF-066, AF-088), please be aware that, in response to the operator's current published QSL policy, these three operations will not be accepted for IOTA accreditation. Clarification is awaited from the operator that a policy change will be made immediately to the effect that payment of USD 5 is not obligatory and that cards sent direct with sufficient return postage will be answered direct in a timely fashion. A prompt amendment to the policy notice on is therefore required if accreditation is to be reconsidered. G3KMA, 7 Nov 2009

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  • Callsign: RA3CQ
  • 2009-11-10 08:44:27
The item is much more deep and complicated than just simple $5. 1. With the time being it is forgotten that in the very begining is was obligatory to send QSLs. 2. This not the only one island (expedition, country) and in fact the conversation is not about $5 but about hundreds ans possibly thousand USD. 3. If a person wanted to help poor country to build a scool why didn't he simply send the money spent for future trip to that country? He could sit home. But he didn't In fact we all like both to work DX and to travel. Many people need to state themselves somehow. One of the ways is an expedition. There would be no problem if a DX-peditioneer would send the cards direct, via the bureau, uploaded log to LoTW asking for a possible donation...but NO... It turned into a practice to ask money "for speeding up the process". In the other feilds it called "a corruption". Even if a DX-peditioneer promises to send QSLs via the bureau or to upload his log to LoTW "in a year" it is a blackmail. How old are we? Many people wouldn't survive utill getting the QSLs via the bureau. That is what DX-peditioneers use - fear. We don't want to wait. That is why they pull out money from us. It is a bad practice. I can call many modern expeditioneers and managers palying with this - UA4WHX, OK1DOT, VE3LYC. I am sure that this list could be continued. But at the same time there are the opposite examples - FT5GA. To my mind it is great that RSGB started to react somehow to these tendentions and I would greet if ARRL would follow it in the address of "countries" not only "islands". It is in the interests of both RSGB and ARRL as they would loose their profits if such a practice will continue. Not many people want to pay such a money for a hobby. One expedition - $5. Over 1000 islands....About 3000 Chalanges (over 300 countries...) Multiply