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RW0A WPX RTTY Contest 2020

CQ WPX RTTY RW0A Story 2020

WPX RTTY is one of our favorite contests.
The rules of the contest and the geographical location, and most importantly the setup of the radio station, allow us to occupy worthy places in the results of this contest almost every year.
In particular, in recent years we have occupied the following places in the world:
2010 -3 place, 2012 - 2 place, 2013 - 3 place, 2016 -3 place (new record of Asia),
2017 - 4th place, 2018 -3rd place.
Our constant competitors are 9A1A, NR4M, HG1S, YL2W.
In 2020, they also decided to participate in the unlimited subgroup.
Currently, RW0A has seven operator sites connected to 18 transmitting antennas mounted on 9 masts with a height of 16 to 50 m., Five receiving antennas, as well as nine power amplifiers. We use all this equipment to achieve results in contests.

RW0A Antenna 80 and 20mRW0A. Antenna on 80 and 20m.

Usually we prepare for the contest two jobs for one band according to the number of band on which there is simultaneously propagation.

RW0A Ruler
They began to work during three signals simultaneously at 80m, 40, 20m.
The propagation was not very good. Skimmers showed quite high levels of our signal.

RW0A CQ WW WPX 2020 RTTY Spots

They answered S & P almost immediately, but they called RUN very badly. Especially at 80m.
Propagation on 20m opened east from the very beginning of the contest ....
Mix from JA YB, VK, ZL, BG stations. In the first hour we made only 65 QSOs.
Further a little better. The propagation of Fiftin with the same set of prefixes from Southeast Asia was ajar. There were practically no stations from NA .
We made a few QSOs with them forty meters and all.
The second hour brought 142 QSO. For eighty meters, they worked exactly three hours, while at least somehow answered. And not a QSO on the RUN.
We are going with a slight lag in the schedule from 2018.
Which was overcome at the end of the fifth and sixth hours ...
In six hours, they made 670 QSO. There was nothing particularly “tasty”.
Judging by the numbers on the air, the past leader 9A1A is again on the “Favorite horse”,
well, HG1S is on the “Second horse” in these jumps :-)
The familiar callsigns KA4RRU, and NR6M, which are usually somewhere near us according to the results, also flash on spots. How they are doing is unknown.
Connections at 15m seem especially no one has.
We work further ...

RW0A CQ WW WPX RTTY 2020 Contest Team RC0AK, R0ACG, RA0AM, RZ0AT, RG0ARW0A CQ WW WPX RTTY 2020 Contest Team RC0AK, R0ACG, RA0AM, RZ0AT, RG0A.

RW0A RA0AM on 20m in CQ WW WPX RTTY Contest 2020RW0A RA0AM on 20m in CQ WW WPX RTTY Contest 2020.

Fiftin was cleaned to the last. I wanted to make a “round” number of connections.
Alas ... Only 190 QSO turned out at 15m.
Remained again 20 / 40m. The rate fell and a slow but sure lag behind ours 2018 graphics.
Attempts to take something from NA to 80m at sunset did not bring success.
Although it was confidently heard on bever 340 degrees N0NI and K9CT. But they did not even ask again.
In the eastern direction, 80m practically did not open. Just made some QSOs with AsRus and JA. However, relations with northern Europe and the EU RUS gradually began to flow.
For forty meters there was a orderly flow of QSO with South/East Asia.
At 80m, they were already slowly calling on the RUN with a maximum rate of 35 QSO / hour.

RW0A Hands of AirHands of Air.

RW0A RG0A at analyticsRG0A at analytics

For dinner, as usual, Valery RZ0AT prepared a very delicious soup:

RW0A RZ0AT Soup Image 1

RW0A RZ0AT Soup Image 2

RW0A RZ0AT Borscht

The first day we ended at around 1,700 QSO and 500-odd QSOs behind our 2018 result.
Morning passage did not bring any QSO from NA, although the entire bandmap was filled with red spots from USA.
The second day, as always, was less productive. The rate fluctuated at the level of 25-50 QSO / hour
with a peak of 70 QSO / hour at 9UTC, when the passage at 20m opened well and even managed to work a little second place S & P.
On the second evening, too, did not bring QSOs with NA at 80m. Yes, and the passage was some not intelligible.
Finally Mr. Murphy did another dirty trick ....
40 minutes before the end of the electricity turned off. Even the log was not possible to immediately copy.
Which, however, was no longer very important. Not done 20-25 QSOs didn’t solve anything.
Going home by hand lights.
The result is the following:

Band QSOs Pts WPX Score
3.5 465 2684 125
7 871 4786 274
14 948 2498 298
21 190 438 41
Total 2474 10406 738 7 679 628

With the technical and housewifely support of RA0AAC & UA0WW (VY TU!)
Such is the WPX RTTY 2020 turned out by the RW0A team.
P.S. In additon, we are placed in World top-ten again with 6th result and taken first place in Asia in Multi-Unlimited category.

73 Leonid, RA0AM

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