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SV2ASP/A Mount Athos News 13 May 2014

Yes indeed that was Monk Apollo QRV today on CW. In fact he is still on 21.020 right now as I type this. He has been on 40 and 15 meters CW usually on 7.020 and 21.020 MHz throughout the day and may later try 20 meters CW. Monk Apollo is the only was able to operate his station. Anyone operating from Mount Athos must have a special authorization by the Holy Council of Mount Athos. Yes DL5EBE did operate from SV2ASP/A back some time ago, however since then the council has told Monk Apollo that he and he alone could operate from Mount Athos and will have his license taken "if he allows anyone else to operate with his call in the future.” Therefore Monk Apollo no longer can allow anyone else to operate his station. Today was a rainy day at the Docheiariou Monastery and he was unable to do any work outside so he was able to operate. On Wednesday May 14th Monk Apollo will be away from Mount Athos for about a week. Feel free to pass this information to your friends with credit to The Daily DX and The Weekly DX.



Bernie McClenny, W3UR

Editor of The Daily DX, The Weekly DX and How's DX?

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