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T32C Kiritimati Christmas Island

The Five Star DXers Association (FSDXA) Team will be active from Kiritimati ( Christmas ) Island 28 September - 26 October 2011 as T32C.
They will be active on 160 - 6 m CW, SSB, RTTY.
QSL info via T32C.

Kiritimati Christmas Island T32C Kiribati

Kiritimati Christmas Island Kiribati T32C DX News

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Bob panting
  • Callsign: G4ELY
  • 2011-03-22 04:32:09
Last time I was on Christmasd Isdland was in 1958, when we dropped an hydrogen bomb on the land crabs. There must be wa few mutant versions about there now. Would love to know how much it has changed. When the bomb was due to be dropped the whole local population of the island was put on board an aaircraft carrier, including their livestock, and taken to sea for about a week, so they would not be contaminated.