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T32TV Christmas Island

T32TV currently active from Christmas (Kiritimati) Island below you can see info from his qsl mgr KH6CG.
Tov is Running a Kenwood TS-50 transceiver with a AT-300 Tuner to a vertical Dipole for 10M.
He has a LW on 20M and 17M for now.
Hoping in the future, if there is interest, in getting some donations for him for a small yagi antenna & rotor that I can ship down there for him and also a small linear amp that will run about 500-700w. This will give Tov a big signal for Europe and Asia, and Africa contacts.
More later as things develope for him.
Currently Tov is on SSB and brushing up on his CW, he says it's been way too long since his CW days. hihi.
73 KH6CG

Christmas Island Kiribati T32TV

Christmas Island Kiritimati Island Kiribati T32TV

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