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TX7M Nuku Hiva Island Video

Marquesas Islands, Nuku Hiva Island DX Pedition TX7M Video.

Nuku Hiva Island – Jewel of the Marquesas

In French Polynesia, you’ll find the largest of the islands in the Marquesas, known as Nuka Hiva Island. The climate here is that of a rainforest, and it experiences a good deal of precipitation. There are even bleak periods that see over two inches of rainfall in one day. Due to its northerly location, the island does not experience hurricanes or other tropical storms. Temperatures are fairly constant year round, averaging about 86°F.

Learn the Local History

Archaeologist Robert Suggs discovered Hikokua in 1957. It is a powerful site, with a vast, central esplanade (known locally as a tohua). Workers restored the site and the Hatiheu locals still maintain it.

The primary use of the tohua was for dance performances during festivals. They used flat basalt blocks as spectator steps. The terrace contains two stone carvings by a modern local artist. It also has a flat rock once used for rituals and solo dances. Near the center of this esplanade are Christian tombs that are believed to date from the time when the first missionaries arrived on the island.

Diving Like Nowhere Else

The Marquesas are the farthest islands from any continent. The nearest urban center would be Tahiti, and it is almost 950 miles away. They experience no fishing or pollution, and there are so many diving sites that you could quite possibly dive where no one has been before.

Sharks of all species are abundant for divers to see, and leopard and manta rays are also commonly seen. You may also enjoy viewing swordfish, dolphins, white fin reef sharks and silky sharks. Several miles from Nuku Hiva Island lives a colony of Pygmy killer whales who bask there all throughout the year. During the hottest hours of the day, they watch divers and sometimes even play with them.

Full-Day Tours

Full-day tours include a 4-wheel-drive-assisted visit to some of the major island places. They include Aakapa Mountain, Hatiheu, Taipivai and Anaho bay. This length of tour usually includes a horseback ride or hike, depending on your preference. The tour companies frequently serve lunch on full-day tours.

Your tour will likely include the Vaipa waterfalls and the Valley of Hakahui. They will transfer you by boat to Kahatea Bay for an energetic five-mile hike. It is a long hike, to be sure, but it is not difficult. Be sure to bring supportive shoes and plastic overshoes for river crossings.

Half-Day Tours

A Taipivai valley four-wheel-drive half-day tour includes a visit to “Inspector” bay, Hoomi villages and the archeological site at “Paeke”. For a fee, you will enjoy a wonderful picnic, before heading up to Mount Moake for a 360-degree panoramic view of Nuka Hiva Island.

By boat, you will visit the small Hakahui village, and take an enjoyable hike to the second river. On the way back from your tour, you may stop at Hakatea beach, for a swim. The animals in the island channels are varied and abundant. The most often seen species include moray eels, groupers, goatfish, barracuda and big-eyes.

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