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VK5CP/9 Lord Howe Island

I will be operating in 'holiday mode' from Lord Howe Island as VK5CP/9 from 19 January 2012 (my birthday) to 24 January 2012.

I will be using a IC7000, LDG Z2Pro Tuner and a Buddistick vertical antenna. I will be focusing on 30M (data), 20M and 6M depending onconditions. I have a signalink USB interface and Mix W software.Key data modes will be PSK31 and RTTY. I will try 30M first as I understand this is a much wanted mode/band. I dont expect that I will be loud but hopefully the data modes will make things easier for those thatneed LHI.

As I told my family that this would be a holiday with themI won't be organising skeds, staying up all night or building antennas for bands the buddipole won't tune on. (last year one ham begged meto make a 2M yagi from a coat hanger!)

I expect to have internet access and should be logged in to Skype as VK5CP.

I will post QSO via LOTW and EQSL upon my return to VK5.
Please QSL via VK5CP (and be patient as I will have to print some cards).

73 de Chris VK5CP

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