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VK9LA News Release March 12th


Extensive work has taken place to make sure all operators are familiar
with various sunrise/sunset times throughout the world. Lord Howe
Island sunset is at approx 0736Z with sunrise being 1936Z (taken at
27th March 2009). We have all been familiarizing ourselves with
possible propagation openings for all points of the globe.

A complete list in an ascending pecking order will be at every HF
station for operators to continually check. It is our plan to have an
operator on deck on 160m from 0740Z daily to work all the Pacific
areas followed by various parts of Asia somewhere around 0850Z. From
then we will look towards South America at around 0935Z thru to approx
1015Z when we will begin looking for W1 in USA at approx 1030Z then
head to again some parts of Asia and then VE3 and W4 around 1130Z as
well as TI and XE areas. UA9 around 1330Z followed by W6 etc. At
approx 1500Z we will begin searching for the likes of EK, 4L, UA1
followed by 4X at 1545Z and then the likes of 5B.

Hopefully we will get a shot at South Africa around 1615Z then head up
again into EU territory to LZ around 1635Z, HA and so on leading up to
I, LA, OZ, HB and G lands at 1820Z. This procedure will be done every
day we are there. This will also be adopted on 80m as well as 75m as
we have 2 stations on the air simultaneously on the same band, as well
as 40m. We expect big long openings on all bands below 20m. We would
however request that you be patient. It will take us a couple of days
to install all low band antennae.

We would also request that once you are in the log to please do not
call the next night, let someone else have a go. My pet hate is to
see the same station in the log on the same band over and over.

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