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Article VU7RI DX Pedition

Article VU7RI Lakshadweep DX Pedition 19 - 30 October 2019.
Author - Shabu Ramakrishnan, M0KRI.
VU7RI DX Pedition

I really enjoy remote portable operating and, having spent a couple of weeks operating holiday-style down in Burundi as 9U4RI, in 2019, I thought that I would like to go somewhere a bit more exotic. However, there were many considerations;
where to go that was fairly high on the DX wanted list, when to go, with whom.
what equipment to take, which antennas to use and the logistics of travelling to the remote site, to name the key ones. The germ of this idea was born in my mind during April 2019. Being originally from India, it made some sense to look at some rare, but familiar, locations around the Indian sub-continent, such as islands in the
Arabian Sea or Indian Ocean. The choice of location was Agatti Island in Lakshadweep (VU7), one of an inhabited group of 36 atolls and coral reefs off the coast of Kerala, India. VU7 was number 55 on the Club Log’s “Most Wanted List”. This location met most of the above criteria.

VU7RI Lakshadweep DX Pedition Article

Lakshadweep IslandsLakshadweep. Author - George Anthraper.

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