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WRTC 2014 Selection Criteria

As I noted in my previous interviews and articles, WRTC selection criteria are a bit far from perfection. In my opinion, corrections I’m going to tell you about might make the criteria more perfect.
1. Contest weights.
CQ WPX shall have more weight, even the same as CQ WW.
Sure, CQ WW is the most popular contest, but credit time of 48 hours is very destructive to one’s health. Especially if you are operating from your own country, and not from the DX position. High score may be reached from the own country only. So, where is the reason to destroy one’s health then?
2. Selection Areas.
Teams shall be selected within similar geographic areas.
This is clear, whatever antennas would I have, if there is no propagation in UA3, there will be NO propagation; but Europeans will be busy scoring lots of NA stations at the same time.
3. Team Leader – Team Mate.
Both team participants’ scores shall be considered, but not a TL only who selects his TM later on.
If we are talking about a team, let every team member ”smoke” equally. If somebody asks, what do we have to do with those who doesn’t have their own stations (say, club station operators), read the answer below:
4. New WRTC Category: MS-2OP.
This entry exists in Russia in order to get good training before RRTC & WRTC.
Scores and category factors shall be considered only in case if both team applicants are entire crew; points shall be scored at the maximum for both team members.
It is possible to operate this entry using club station if you limit operating positions to two, or using personal station in SO2R mode.
By the way, this would be great if CQ WW CC would establish new category MS-2OPS-NOT ASISTED (no DX cluster).
That’s it, in short.
WRTC 2010 style impressed me better than previous WRTC”s, but I would recommend the next WRTC sponsors to implement MS-2OP category, although, in this case each team member shall have separate antenna set.
Participant of WRTC 1996 San Francisco USA, 2000 Bled, Slovenia, and 2010 Moscow, Russia
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