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WRTC 2014 Selection Criteria Proposals

I was surprised Americans decided to consider SOSB scores for WRTC 2014 selection. Well done!!!
My sincere compliments to Dan, K1TO! In order to achieve a good SOSB score in the world, one has to input not lesser efforts than for SOAB in his geographical WRTC selection area.

But besides compliments, I’d like to express my attitude towards SOSB Weighting Factor specified by Dan.

Currently, SOSB score is “weighted” against SOAB score of the same selection area. I estimated this method for myself.

Today I’m on my way to Kazakhstan, UP2L.

I’m going to break 20m Asian record made by 5B4AGC from Cyprus over 10 years ago: 3940+Q’s/ 2,146,000 points.

It’s not easy to exceed such score from Kazakhstan!

Today, SOAB ops from our Zone 17 hardly make 4000 Q’s on ALL BANDS. They have greater summary 6-band mult, and greater scores accordingly. If you compare these SOAB scores against Asian record of 15.5 million points made by Robert S53R from A61AJ, their scores are times lesser than his. And so on.

In other words, if WRTC 2014 sponsors decided to make account for SOSB ops, I would better suggest to weight their scores not against SOABers, but against SOSB continental records.

If we review scores of popular stable contest, - EACH CQWW or CQWPX record is a result of the great efforts of the great masters made from the great stations.
SOSB records, and especially continental SOSB records, are no exception.

I’m absolutely sure, that SOSB score which is close to the continental record, costs none the less than 1000 points of SOAB score in the selection area.

73’s & GL, Willy UA9BA

P.S. on the way to UP2L, at RA9APV’s, one day b4 CQWW.

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