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Bruce, 3W3B will be active as XW4XR from Laos, 30 March - 12 April 2020.
He will operate on 60 - 6m, CW, FT8, FT4.
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The wilderness of Laos

Laos is situated in Southeast Asia with borderlines of Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and China. The Lao people have been ruled by Marxist communist for decades. The corruptionin Lao government is a major topic in the country during the Cold War. As the most corrupted country in the world, Laos created problem for the investors as they retreated and took back their money from Laos. The regulation also becomes a major issue since then. The Laos population lives below the poverty line standard. The low economy income has created a poor country and with slow development, Laos actually becomes the hungriest country.

The trace of kingdom

Laos history dated back in 1893. There were 3 kingdoms ruled by the French before they were united into Laos country. In 1953, Laos is an independent monarchy with the ending of civil war. It is now part of the communist movement. Lao Language was named after Muang Lao. The French named it Indochina due to its plurality in population.

The Lan Xang kingdom was settled in 14th century. The prince with Khmer Troops took Vientiane. The descendant of king Lao made his way to build the Theravada Buddhism. The prosperous years led to the expansion of kingdom along the Annamite mountain. Due to his ruthless ruling the kingdom, the people could not stand him and had him exiled to Thailand. The throne was given to his eldest son and for 43 years, the reign made Lan Xang an important trading port. in 1520, the throne and capital were moved. The Vientiane became the capital due to Burmese invasion. For several decades, the kings were replaced and the military expedition had led Lan Xang kingdom to decline.

In 19th century, the Chinese army isolated Luang Prabang and the kingdom of Vientiane was added to the colony. The ruler, King Sisavang, controlled Laos. The French never took Laos as an important part. They only took the males for slavery to improve Thailand’s economy. The system had made hundreds of Lao males to do labor work that produced agricultural sector such as coffee, tin and rubber. There were quite amount of French living in the area and most of them are missionaries and officials. They want to live a better life in Laos and they learn Buddha religion and married to Laos females. The French people were acceptable in the country because Laos has given all of the gentle yet amiable affection.

The Laos independence day is October 12. And in 1953, the French granted full constitutional monarchy to Laos.

Laos XW4XR Tourist attractions

Single-party socialist republic

Being ruled by Marxism ideology, Laos communist dominates the military as well as other sectors that influence the growth of the country. Vientiane is the capital city with the densely populated area being centered as military base. Almost half of the population live in the hills and mountains with traditional methods. The Lao is their official language and the culture of multi ethnicity creates unique feature of this country.

Geographical information

As a country locked in between southeast asia countries, Laos has extensive multi ethnic culture. It stretches along the Mekong river on the west side with forest landscape and mountains as the views. There are also plateaus and remote areas in the borderlines. The temperature is influenced by the tropical climate with the driest season falls between December to April. From May to November, the rainy season could create heavy rainfall.

This country has been suffering from environment problems with many deforestation issues that exploit the plants for business and commercial facilities. There were numbers of illegal animal hunting due to the high demand of the wild animals for medicine such as tiger balms. The government has done a research and found out that the forest decreased up to 50%. The amount can decline rapidly in the near future.

Laos XW4XR DX News

Things to see and do in Laos

Luang Prabang

This is one of the tourism destinations in Laos. Situated at the north Laos, Luang Prabang is UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many travellers visited the area as this is the heart of Lao culture. The 700 meter above sea level area obtains the water from the river of Mekong. As one of the most beautiful place in Asia, many tourists come here to witness the breathtaking natural scenery. There are waterfalls and peaks that you can see from Luang Prabang. The tourism provides steady visitors all year round and is now the richest area in Laos due to the many resorts and travellers.


If you are looking for a remote island, Bokeo can be your destination. The area contains tropical forest and farms. There are many traditional tribes that live in Bokeo and you can watch the cultural attraction and lifestyles. The natural resources have been visited by many travellers from around the globe as they want to witness the ethnics.

Laos XW4XR

That Ing Hang Stupa

The 9 m stupa stands tall with heavy decoration. The relic of Buddha is a popular destination as the 16th century statue is situated at the heart of Laos. This is the birthplace of Kaysone Phomvihane – the famous Laos leader.

That Luang

That Luang is home to great stupa. As the nation’s symbol, the monument is sacred and from the outside, the stupa looks grandeur like fortress. The high walls feature breathtaking architecture with temples covered with gold.

Buddha Park

The Buddha Park has 200 statues of Buddha with its tallest statue is 40 meters high. It was a monk who built the sanctuary and today this is a prayer site believed to remove the demons.

Wat Phu

Wat Phu literally means mountain temple. The area is located near the hill with stunning scene from Mekong river. The history buffs would love the temple as there are crafts and evidence dated centuries ago that proves the trace of Khmer. The pillars and pediments are crafted beautifully.

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is a heaven on earth with its remote place – suitable for backpackers. The mountains and limestones are exceptionally beautiful and the area can be hiked. The town is quite scenical off the hustling and bustling of Vientiane.

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