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YE1C Mount Malang CQ WW WPX CW Contest 2011

YE1C, contest station of ORARI West Java, will participate in the CQWW WPX CW Contest this weekend, May 2011. We will QRV from Mount Malang (1.050m ASL), 6°43.75' S -107°39.58' E Grid Locator OI33TG. Category Multi Op-Single Transmitter, High Power.

Last year, in the same contest and category, YE1C was awarded as #1 in Oceania and #1 in Indonesia certificate. Score: 3,179,096.

Operators involved are: Gus YB1ALL, Yoyon YB1CCF, Nyoman YB1NWP, Terry YC1KAF, Danu YD1GCL, Joz YD1JZ and Jo YC0LOW with supporting team members: Muri YC1MRI, Yayan YC1BTV, Herry YC1HQQ and Rizal YD1ORZ

We wellcome, ORARI members s to visit Mt Malang, Ciater, West Java, at their own expenses.

See you in the contest!

73 de YB1ALL on behalf of YE1C team

YE1C Mount Malang Java Island Indonesia

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