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Ken, K4ZW will be active again as Z81Z from South Sudan, 4 - 7 February 2024.
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The Republic of South Sudan is the youngest African state

Not everyone knows about the existence of this small state located in Africa, because it emerged quite recently.

In 2011, on July 9, a referendum was held in Sudan to grant sovereignty to the southern autonomous region of the country. As a result, the independent Republic of South Sudan appeared.

Geographical features of South Sudan

South Sudan is located only 500 kilometers from the equator. It has no access to the sea, but the White Nile River flows through its territory. The capital of the republic is the city of Juba.

The states with which South Sudan borders are Sudan, Kenya, Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia and the Central African Republic.

Most of the population of this young country belongs to the Negroid race. In total, South Sudan is home to more than 200 ethnic groups, including the Nuer, Baria, Azande, Shilluk, Dinka Nilotic peoples and others. South Sudan is one of the most linguistically diverse areas of Africa. The official language is English.

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Climate peculiarities

In the central part, in the vicinity of the White Nile, where large-scale swamps have formed and tropical forests grow, there is very high humidity. Here the rainy season lasts almost 10 months, and up to 1400 mm of rainfall per year. Temperatures rise to +40°C.

Further from the center, where the terrain is more elevated, the tropical forests are replaced by dry forests, savannahs and semi-deserts. The climate here is drier.

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Important information for travelers

If you are traveling to South Sudan, you should get vaccinated against yellow fever. It is necessary to beware of infections, as the hot, humid climate favors the spread of various bacteria and germs. You should be extremely careful about hygiene.

Juba, the state capital, has very bad roads, no running water and no sewage system. There is also no treatment of drinking water - people drink water from the river and all waste is sent to the same river.

South Sudan Z81Z Tourist attractions

Attractions of South Sudan

So far, the main pride of South Sudan can be called only picturesque and very diverse nature. On the territory of the state there are tropical and equatorial forests, savannahs and semi-deserts. The highest point is Mount Kinyetti (3187 meters).

There are 12 reserves and 6 national parks in South Sudan, the most famous of which are Boma and Bandigilo.

Boma National Park covers an area of 23000 km² and is the most extensive of its kind in East Africa. It is home to elephants, buffalo, forest pigs, giraffes, many species of antelope, chimpanzees and other monkeys. It is in this park that one of the world's grandest mammalian seasonal migration of antelopes of the white-eared koba species takes place.

In general, the forests and savannahs of South Sudan are home to a huge number of antelopes, among them such species as oryx, topi, kongoni. In addition to elephants, buffalo and giraffes, there are also crocodiles, lions and hyenas. The forests and savannahs are also inhabited by a huge variety of exotic bird species.

The government of South Sudan is confident that in the future their country will be able to attract numerous tourists and safari lovers from all over the world. At the moment safari is not available here, but it is quite realistic to enjoy the beauty of the picturesque nature.

How do I get to South Sudan?

You can get to South Sudan by airplane. Since this African state was formed not so long ago, air communication with the countries of the world is not yet fully established. At the moment you can fly to South Sudan from neighboring African countries: Congo, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya.

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