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In memoriam HA0NNN (Jani) and HA0MM (Gyozi).
We (the members of the ZA1QA team) will organize a memorial DXpedition to Albania to remember our friends and excellent radio amateurs. Jani and Gyozi were the leaders of the "legendary" ZA1QA DXpedition in 1991.
Our team (HA0DU (Steve), HA0MK (Imi), HA0LC (Joe), ZA1G (Fatos) and myself HA0NAR (Laci) will start to operate from Vlore (Albania) on 25 of October till 1st of November as ZA20QA (ZA twenty QA) in CW, SSB, RTTY on 160 - 2 meters.
Participation on CQWWDX SSB is also planned.
QSL manager: HA0NAR

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