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ZS8T Petrus

Recording of a QSO between ZS8T and RA3CQ on 20m. It appears that after several setbacks with antennas being damaged by the wind there will be some limited activity from ZS8.

There is info that ZS8T license is expiry allready thats right but according to ZS law
its possible to renew license till end of the january and that will happen in coming

We have clear information THAT ZS8T LICENSE WILL BE RENEWED TODAY and will valid for all qsos he made during his stay in ZS8
On website is published interview with Petrus and he is promising now to be more active mainly on 20m where antenna is tested
Lets hope Petrus will be on coming weekend

ZS8T license renewed and valid till january 2010!!!!

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  • Callsign: DL1AB
  • 2009-01-21 08:34:31