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D44TXU Cabo Verde Short Story

Hi all,

I am just back from D4! Back to PA. I did around 190 QSO, around 3.5 h airtime (family friendly mode),  always 5W with kx3, internal battery, triple leg ant on dx-wire pole (10 m), on the beach, with strong wind and sun in my neck, paper-logging, kent twin-paddle.

Reached up to Europe, JA, W's, PY, VY, LU, UA...(14, 21, 24, 28 MHz)

Will publish more details, a report, pics in the coming days.

I am now convinced that with 5W you can reach very far. I even see good reports on reversebeacon.

Now I am tired...On a transfer stop in Gambia last night I also met the president of VERON.

73 Jörg
Sal Island Cabo Verde Cape Verde D44TXU Porto Antigo

Sal Island Cabo Verde Cape Verde Santa Maria Beach Antenna

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