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PJ4W Bonaire Island 2012

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The Curacao Radio Amateur Club VERONA is planning an operation using the Antennas of Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Bonaire Shortwave repeater.
The crew will consist of Brett, PJ2BR; Victor, PJ2VR, Carlo, PJ2CF, Castro, PJ2CFM, Ronny, PJ2CL, Sergio, PJ2SM, Hans PJ4LS and Peter, PJ4NX

Operation is planned on September 8th and 9th using the callsign PJ4W on 20 and 17 mtrs during the time frame 13:30 UTC to 19:30 hrs daily, Sat-Sun.

QSLs (please only direct) to DL1THM (Torsten Harenberg, Kreuzbergstr. 75, 40489 Düsseldorf, Germany)

best 73s
Torsten DL1THM

Bonaire Island PJ4W

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