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1A0C Sovereign Military Order of Malta

1A0C Team will be active from Sovereign Military Order of Malta, 15 - 21 July 2019.
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They will operate on 80 - 6m, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8.1A0C Log search
QSL via EA5RM, ClubLog OQRS.
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Antonio Gonzalez, P.O.Box 930, E-03200, Elche, SPAIN.
Previous activity:
Tony EA5RM, Frank DL8YHR, Javi EA5KM, Manuel EA7AJR, Eugene EA5HPX, Fabrizio IN3ZNR, Giorgio IZ4AKS, Francesco IZ7KHR, Luca IW0DJB, Jun JH4RHF will be active from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta 28 December 2014 - 6 January 2015 as 1A0C.
They will be active on HF and VHF bands EME.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

The Sovereign armed organization of Malta is the older chivalry order that survived until today. It is also known as the ruler Military Hospitaller Order of (Saint John) of Jerusalem of Malta and Rhodes, Order of Malta or the Knights of Malta. This is a {Roman-Catholic spiritual} order and it also has a armed, chivalrous and noble nature. At this moment the headquarter of this order is situated in Rome, Italy, because the European island known as Malta is very close to Italy. The history of this order is very old, because everything started in Jerusalem around 1050, according to historical data. After the 1st crusade Sovereign Military Order of Malta develop into a military order in 1099 and it had its own character. At the beginning this order was designed to treat and cure the poor and sick from the (Holy-Land) and even today Sovereign Military Order of Malta has 20,000 medical personnel as members of the order. There are also 13,000 members and more than 80,000 volunteers. They are all members from different countries all over the world, not only from Malta or Italy. The purpose of the order remained pretty much the same because today they are taking care of elder people, orphans, handicapped, refuged persons, homeless persons and those who have severe diseases such as terminal cancer.

The Sovereign armed organization of Malta had also headquartered on Rhodes Island in 1310. Everything was caused by the fall of the last Christian stronghold from the Holy Land and before establishing in Rhodes, the order also had headquarters in Cyprus. There a fleet was established with the purpose of conquering other regions, and the order fought crusades in Egypt and Syria. The members of the order were divided according to the language they spoke by that time.

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There was a rough time for the order in 1523 because they had to left Rhodes after a battle with Suleiman the Magnificent and they had no territory until fifteen thirty. In 1565 the knights had to defend their territory against a Turkish siege and they were the winners of that fight. The order was evacuated from Malta in 1798, but the order was able to settle in Rome in 1834 and it was a final decision. However, the order has control over the Fort St Angelo from Malta and the flag of the country is placed right next to the flag of the order.

There’s also a membership scale for those who are part of the order: The first class, the second class, and the third class. The ones who are part of the order even today are having the titles of knights and dames. At this moment this is probably the biggest order from the whole world and their main purpose is to help those who are unfortunate.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta has a long history and those who are members of the order are highly respected everywhere around the world. They have immunity and rights in some countries including France, England and Italy. The official language spoken by the members of the order is Italian, but some of them are still speaking Latin too.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta 1A0C

The order activity took place on islands for most of their time and between 1651 and 1665 the order used four islands from the Caribbean and those islands were Saint Barthelemy, Croix, Saint Martin and Saint Christopher. The order sold the islands in sixteen sixty five to the French West India Company. Even during the colonial time and during the World War periods the order was always involved. Even today The Sovereign armed organization of Malta is still part of the politics in Italy and they also have a strong connection with Vatican too.

It’s hard for the ordinary people to really understand the purpose of this chivalry order and what they really want to do, but people should consider them as a big organization designed to help others. This is actually what the order does.

Even if they were exiled from Malta, The Sovereign armed organization of Malta still has a bit of influence in there but they are not immune to the Malta laws, but they have some privileges. Two-sided treaties were signed in order to allow the order to come back in Malta. The first one was signed in 1991 but that one is not available anymore and the second one was signed in 1998 although everything started after three years, in 2001. By this treaty the order is allowed to use the Fort St Angelo from Birgu for its own activity, and the accord has duration of ninegt nine years, but after 50 years since the treaty was signed it can be renewed for a new period of 99 years.

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Thanks to this chivalry order a lot of people were helped and not only in Italy or Malta. This is a global organization and it always was. They are helping other people from all over the world and they have members joining their ranks from everywhere, even from Asia or North America. They are also having a religious nature because most of the members of this order are Roman Catholics. If someone wants to join this order it must convert into a Roman Catholic otherwise it is not allowed to do it.

It’s quite hard to enter into the ranks of The Sovereign armed organization of Malta but not impossible. Everyone can do it as long as they can prove their loyalty and their good ambition. There are a lot of doctors and nurses who are part of the orders, so it can easily be seen that those who are following a medical carrier can also join The Sovereign armed organization of Malta. There’s no price to pay for joining but those who are members should attend charity events and to help when it’s necessary. People can also join as volunteers too.

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1A0C. Where is Sovereign Military Order of Malta located. Map.

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