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3B8HE Mauritius

Paul, G8AFC is currently active as 3B8HE from Mauritius, IOTA AF - 049.
Information from Paul, 3B8HE:
Recent DX Spots 3B8HE
3B8HE is active on HF, in particular 10m and 6m SSB and occasional FT8, until the end of March. Running 350W to a Moxon rectangle (10m & 6m) QSLs should be via Charles Willmot M0OXO. This supercedes all other QSL info.

Mauritius Island 3B8HE Mauritius. Author - Thomas Bleich.

Mauritius 3B8HE DX News Mauritius. Author - jeany.

Mauritius Island 3B8HE Tourist attractions spot SunsetSunset, Mauritius. Author - Malaquin Eric.

3B8HE. Where is Mauritius located. Map.

3B8HE Mauritius. Sunrise 03-02-2024 at 02:06 GMT sunset at 14:36 GMT
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