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3D2AC 3D2CO 3D2LJ 3D2TR Taveuni Island

AC8W, KC8CO, KN8R, N8LJ will be active from Taveuni Island (IOTA OC-016) 26 August - 2 September 2014 as 3D2AC, 3D2CO, 3D2LJ, 3D2TR.
They will be active on 160-10m CW , SSB, RTTY.
QSL information :
3D2AC, 3D2CO, 3D2LJ via K8ESQ.
3D2TR via K8AQM.

Taveuni Island Fiji Information

Taveuni Island, third largest Island in Fiji.
Archipelago- Vanua Levu Group Koro Sea.
Largest city- Waiyevo.
Taveuni is between 10-14km wide and 42km long.
Climate- Tropical.
Abel Tasman in 1643 is first European visit Taveuni Island.

3D2AC 3D2CO 3D2LJ 3D2TR Taveuni Island Information for Radio Amateurs

DXCC country- Fiji.
WAC continent- Oceania.
WAZ zone- CQ 32.
ITU zone- 56.
RSGB IOTA reference- IOTA OC-016.
QTH locator- RH93xe.

Taveuni Island

The third largest island in Fiji after Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, the beautiful island of Taveuni, is a part of Fiji’s Cakaudrove Province within the Northern Division. With a total land area of about 169 square miles, this cigar shaped island is a massive shield volcano which is situated around 6.5 kilometres to the east of Vanua Levu.

The island was first discovered in 1643 by Abel Tasman, but because of poor visibility he mistook the peaks of Taveuni to be different islands. Though small, these islands suffered various internal strives before gaining freedom from such political problems. Now the island of Taveuni is controlled by two distinct Chieftainships, Tikina o Vuna from the south and the other one on the North of Taveuni.

The island has been ravaged by many tropical storms and cyclones. The most devastating ones like Cyclone Ami and Cyclone Gene caused widespread damage to the island, while Cyclone Tomas produced significant tidal waves and surges to damage the ecosystem surrounding the Island.

The island mainly depends on agriculture and tourism for its livelihood. Copra is the most important crop, while farmers have also started growing vanilla, coffee, tropical fruits, taro and kava. Tourism has also become a major contributor to the economy, with about a few hotels and accommodations opening for visitors and business opportunities for the local people.

The island of Taveuni boasts of having nearly all the indigenous animals and plants found in Fiji. The island is full of crabs, the unique Fiji fruit bat, the Fiji Banded Iguana, a large variety of frogs and some species of palm. The almost extinct Fijian monkey-faced bat can also be found on this Island. The animal also has a large variety of birds. A total of over a 100 species of birds have been found on this island.

Taveuni’s Top Attractions

Bouma National Park

With over 37000 acres this national park covers over a third of the island of Taveuni. Saved from loggers and deforestation, this park was declared a World Heritage Area in 2002, with the help of the New Zealand Government. The local tribe of Mataqali are the traditional owners of the park. The park is a lush green habitat where exotic species of flora, birdlife and hardwood trees. Tourists can hike across this national park and see the wonders of this beautiful island first hand. Namy exotic creatures such as the Fiji fruit bat and Fiji Banded Iguana can be found in this park. The park is also the home of the rare Tagimoucia flower which is indigenous only to this island.

Vidawa Rainforest Trail

For all those avid hikers the Vidawa Trail is the best path to choose. Led by shamans, the trek begins in Vidawa village and passes through the historic village sites of Navuga and into the rainforest to see birdlife first hand. The trk ends at the Tavoro Waterfalls where you can experience the beauty of nature. The trek runs from Monday to Saturday and a maximum of eight people can be accommodated on this trek.

Taveuni Island Fiji 3D2AC 3D2CO 3D3LJ 3D2TR

Waitabu Marine Park

For water lovers this park is the best option. The area has amazing snorkelling and gorgeous white-sandy beaches. There is no need for a guide to visit the park but previous booking is necessary in order to enjoy all that the park has to offer. The village of Waitabu offers tourists a peek into their world by giving a guided tour of the park and a bilibili ride and singing in the village.

Peckham Pearl Farm Tours

The only saltwater black-pearl farm available on the island is the perfect spot of snorkelling. The Naselesele lagoon is a rich source of oysters and tourists can snorkel in the lagoon to see how pearl divers get their wares. Tours are available from Monday to Friday from Matei. In the Pearl Farm tourists can also buy the pearls that are freshly picked from the lagoon.

Tango Fishing Adventures

Booked through Makaira by the Matei Sea, tourists can go fishing for big fish aboard the Tango with the Captain of the vessel, John Llanes Jr., who has over 30 years of experience in these beautiful waters. You can help in catching fish to help sell in the market or you can catch your own prize and take it back to be cooked in the rustic fashion of the Island.

Taveuni Island Fiji 3D2AC 3D2CO 3D2LJ 3D2TR DX News

Tavoro Waterfalls

The island has the most beautiful waterfalls ever made in nature. There are three waterfalls to visit and getting there is no easy task. The first fall is only a 10 minute walk and there is a small picnic spot near the waterfall for tourists to sit and enjoy the view. The other falls aren’t so easy to reach. The second falls are over 30 minutes over hills and although there are many resting points, tourists must take caution. To get to the third fall tourists need to walk for another 20 minutes over rough terrain. The third waterfall, though smaller than the other two, has a big swimming hole and rocks to jump off from.

Lake Tagimaucia

Lake Tagimaucia is a natural volcanic crater in the high mountains above Somosomo. The rare Tagimaucia flower is found around the lake and only blooms from late Septembet to December. The trek to the lake is very difficult and often muddy. Tourists must use the help of a guide and ask around in the surrounding village of Naqara. The trek lasts about 8 hours so tourists must prepare for a long and hectic day.

Taveuni Island Fiji 3D2AC 3D2CO 3D2LJ 3D2TR Tourist Attractions

International Dateline

The 180 degree meridian cuts this small island into two halves and can be found only 10 minutes away from Waiyevo. A small red survey becon marks the spot through which the International Date Line passes. Tourists can live their dreams of being at two places at once here.

The island of Taveuni, though small, is full of varieties of activities and is full of culture and life. In order to experience these tourists must take atleast two weeks off from their hectic schedules in order to become one with Nature.

Video Taveuni Island Fiji.

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