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3D2RRR Rotuma Island

3D2RRR Team will be active from Rotuma Island, IOTA OC - 060.
Team - 3D2SP, 3D2EZ, 3D2USU.
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3D2RRR Log search They will operate on HF Bands, CW, SSB, Digital modes.
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3D2RRR Rotuma Island News 23 May 2022

All ok here. Little hard ride but we should be on Rotuma in 3h. It's midnight so we Will enter the harbor daylight

3D2RRR Rotuma Island News 15 May 2022


The Team is ready to set sail from Fiji to Rotuma for about a 2-week activity as 3D2RRR. We are waiting now for a suitable weather window.

3D2EZ and 3D2SP are warming up working on CW and FT8 as SO3R (single operator 3 Radios) while other team members are making progress with final preparations. The licence and permit have been issued, LoTW already received and set.

We will run 2 x CW, 1 SSB and 5 x FT8

Important note!!

We will operate WSJT-X ver. 2.5 as FOX only.

This will be an experimental FT8 activity. We will operate 2 radios on same band (ex. 14.074 and 14.080 or 18.100 and 18.095 or 7.074 and 7.056 as FOX only.

You can see multiple streams sent on both freq, same band at the same time, but you will need to operate F&H to be able to get the answer.

Other software users will need to adjust to F&H if they want to call us and get replied.

3D2RRR Rotuma Island DX NewsRotuma Island. Author - DS355.

3D2RRR Rotuma IslandRotuma Island. Author - Willie Schmitz.

3D2RRR Oinafa, Rotuma Island Tourist attractions spotOinafa, Rotuma Island. Author - Rico Wilson.

3D2RRR. Where is Rotuma Island located. Map.

3D2RRR Rotuma Island. Sunrise 05-26-2022 at 18:23 GMT sunset at 05:53 GMT
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Jay ham
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