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3V3A Tunisian Football Part 3

Tunisia 3V3A Contest Finish
3rd part
Tunisian football – after match penalty series

Thank you for your reading my article again. This part will be short :)

I do not want to divide my contest travel into the highlights and Lowlights.
For me the whole contest was the real magic and I'll remember it whole with its pluses(+) and minuses (-). It was a real adventure !
Tunisia 3V3A Contest Operation
Glad to claim up 3rd result after HI3A and V26K.

After all passed time I have a lot of ideas to do better and change next time.

Tunisia 3V3A Switching Box Verticals
Some of my comments after the contest was over

 better band changing tactics and propagation details
 to sleep BEFORE the contest
 finish all the preparation details. Do it at MAXIMUM level.
 Training with a pileups. I had no 200+ hours. Only 198
 TS450 was a good one but not the best
 need 2nd radio even just to RX other band conditions
 What is the best tactic to make a max multiplier on that setup, 1 TRCVR and 100w
 Improve antennas!


Some QSOs on 20, 15 and 12. Had a QSO with my Dad RK9CR and send my greetings to my family. Ashraf came to the dinner and I asked him to go to the sea to swim.
Tunisia Andy 3V3A Ashraf 3V8SS

Oh its too cold I'm the only one on the beach who trying to swim :)

At the evening we had a small party with the Scouts. And I was honored to be one of the scouts! Thank you for your hospitality and the help!

Tunisia 3V3A New Scout

Airport. Tunisia is meeting and leaving me with a football. I can see TV translation of the Real vs Barcelona famous 5-0 match ! Football is Great !

My thanks again for those who helped me in my travel -
Al 4L5A, Vadim R9DX/UA9CLB, Harry RA3AUU, Igor UA9CDC, Mike UA9CIR, Andy UA0ANW, my Dad Victor RK9CR and my brother Alex RD3DO.

Special thanks to my playing coach Oleg UA9CDV.

And very special thanks and Best wishes to Ashraf KF5EYY. I wish you a lot of new success Ash!
You can all see his talent and progress in contesting. He is only one Tunisian CW operator !

Thank you all who have read my long story and was on the other side of the pile up!

3V3A 5NN 33
Tunisia 3V3A QSL Front

Tunisia 3V3A QSL

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