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5H9AC Tanzania

IN3ECI is currently active from Tanzania as 5H9AC.
He is active on HF bands QRP using FT-817 transceiver with wire antenna.
QSL via home call.

United Republic of Tanzania. Country Information

Tanzania, officially United Republic of Tanzania, is a country in East Africa.
Moto- Freedom and Unity.
Capital city- Dodoma.
Currency- Tanzanian shilling TZS.
Time- UTC +3.
International Phone code- +255.
Internet domain- .tz
International Telecommunication Union callsigns- 5HA-5HZ; 5IA-5IZ.
National Animal- Giraffe.
National bird- Crowned crane.
National flower- Baobab flower.

5H9AC Tanzania. Information for Radio Amateurs

DXCC Country- Tanzania.
WAC continent- Africa.
WAZ zone- 37.
ITU zone- 53.
QTH locator- KI93.
Amateur Radio organization- Tanzania Amateur Radio Club TARC, member of International Amateur Radio Union.
Chairman- Elizabeth Majori.
Secretary: Osmund Kipengele, 5H3OKN.
IARU liason: Hidan Ricco, 5H3HO.

Plan an Exotic Safari in Tanzania

Just say the word “Serengeti”, and images of all types of African wildlife spring to mind. The parks in Tanzania live up to their fame, particularly if you travel there to watch the Great Migration herds. You can ride along with a safari or above it all, in a balloon.

The Great Rift Valley escarpment displays a volcanic landscape that is almost otherworldly. The grazing here is among the most fertile anywhere, so this is the home for many large animal herds. It also boasts the highest predatory animal concentration in Africa.

Ngorongoro Crater

This crater and the conservation area in which it is found is busy, but rewarding if you enjoy animal watching. The lands are those of the Maasai tribe, who live and still farm in the conservation district. They walk in the ways of their ancestors, even in the modern world.

Other Unique Adventures

There are many things to see and do in this exotic land. Hikers enjoy the challenging treks. Birdwatchers eagerly take in the extraordinary diversity and range of local bird life. Photographers and artists are inspired by the landscape.

Tanzania 5H9AC

Snorkeling and Diving in Crystal Waters

Mnemba Island is one of the most notable dive destinations in Tanzania. There is a shallow wall diving area, which is perfect for beginners. This area boasts some of the best garden reefs on the island, and the coral cover is alluring. Snorkeling is also popular, with plenty to capture your attention.

Divers also enjoy the area off Stone Town, although it is not considered reef diving. This channel is found between the mainland and Zanzibar, and there are many sunken wrecks that will pique your interest if you enjoy channel diving.

Kizimkazi Reef is often called the best dive location in the area. Found near Unguja Lodge, this diving mecca is an integral part of the inner reef system, which runs to the barrier reef. There is no beach in this area, but it is popular with divers.

Tanzania 5H9AC DX News

Soft, Powdery Beaches

The Swahili coastline area has all types of sand to traverse or relax upon with a beach towel.It has something for everyone, whether you seek island calm or active adventures, and island breezes or air conditioning. You can dine on grilled fresh fish or gourmet foods, in facilities that are barefoot friendly or luxurious and extravagant.

Everywhere you go, you’ll enjoy the laid-back island attitude and the clear turquoise of the water. Even if you’re not a swimmer, the colors will beckon you to sit and relax for awhile.

Tanzania 5H9AC Tourist Attractions

From the edge of the water, spend some time watching the traditional fishing boats as the natives pursue their lifelong quest for the best fish. The entire Tanzania coastline is rich in history, and fascinating to discover, even if you experience it from a lounge on the beach. You may decide to pursue big game fishing, if this is a sport that interests you. Diving on all the reefs offers many different varieties of fish and coral to view.

Video Tanzania

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