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6W/G3TXF Senegal

G3TXF will be active from Senegal 14-17 February 2014 as 6W/G3TXF
He will be active on HF Bands
He will be active in ARRL DX CW Contest 15-16 February 2014
QSL via home call , OQRS , LOTW
Senegal 6W/G3TXF DX News

Senegal 6W/G3TXF


Senegal is known across Africa for its musical heritage, due to the popularity of mbalax, which originated from the Serer percussive tradition especially the Njuup, it has been popularized by Youssou N'Dour and others. Sabar drumming is especially popular. The sabar is mostly used in special celebrations like weddings. Another instrument, the tama, is used in more ethnic groups. Other popular international renown Senegalese musicians are Ismael Lô, Cheikh Lô, Orchestra Baobab, Baaba Maal, Akon Thione Seck, Viviane, Titi, Papiss Cisse, and Pape Diouf.

Senegal is well known for the West African tradition of storytelling, which is done by griots, who have kept West African history alive for thousands of years through words and music. The griot profession is passed down generation to generation and requires years of training and apprenticeship in genealogy, history and music. Griots give voice to generations of West African society.



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