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9N7AA Nepal

Robert, S53R start his activity as 9N7AA from Kathmandu, Nepal.
He will operate on 160 - 10m.
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QSL via S57DX direct, LOTW.
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Previous activity:
UA3AA will be active from Nepal until 23 May 2014 as 9N7AA.
He is active on HF Bands.
QSL only direct to:
Andy Gromov, 9N7AA, PO Box 873, Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA.

9N7AA Nepal News 25 November 2022

Last week I finally installed an 80/160 quarter-wave sloper, stretching over two adjacent land plots and a bundle of power and optical cables. I have the neighbours’ permission to keep the antenna up till end of March. Both bands tuned very well, but there is a lot of RF in the shack and my ears must be lighting up during the TX. The initial operating results are very discouraging, though. Not only is the RX a problem, which I have expected, it seems that I don’t reach out either and the FT8 reports from nearby Asian stations are in the range of -15 to -20.

I was monitoring my transmissions remotely at home/S53R and on 80m I was barely decodable on a phased verticals array on a hilltop location, while not a beep was heard, or even a trace seen on 160m FT8 just before the 9N sunrise. QRM is plain and simple – out of this world! Nothing new and very little I can do about it. Only with the use of DXE NCC-2 I managed to “extract” a couple of stations on 80m. They were mostly from Asia with just two from EU, bordering Asia as a matter of fact. More tests are needed and the upcoming CQWW CW will be a good reference. Stay tuned.

On the other hand, higher bands (17-6m) are surprisingly good with substantially less QRM. Please note that 60m is not permitted in Nepal.

9N7AA Machhapuchhare, Nepal DX News 2021Machhapuchhare, Nepal. Author - Peter Hungerford.

Nepal 9N7AA

UA3AA/9N7AA Nepal.

Nepal 9N7AA DX News

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9N7AA. Where is Nepal located. Map.

9N7AA Nepal. Sunrise 12-02-2022 at 00:57 GMT sunset at 11:27 GMT
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