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Nepal-mystical mountain kingdom

Nepal is a country in South Asia mountains, covering approximately 147,181 square kilometres. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. Nepal is set at the Himalaya border next to China and India. It is separated from Bangladesh with a corridor. Kathmandu is a modern city as the capital.

This country has mountainous lands and the Everest is the tallest in the world. Nepal’s land is generally fertile and humid. People speak Nepali language and most of them are Hindu. This religion covers more than half percentage of the population. Buddhism is also practiced by lot of Nepal people. The hill villagers are mostly Buddhist and Hindu.

Nepal was ruled by a king from Shah Dynasty. The small kingdom existed until 2008 and after Civil War, the monarchy was abolished. Now, there are multiparties and the political challenges have created various framework in Nepal. The income of Nepal is quite low among its neighboring countries. The level is at its struggling pace with a high rate of poverty still affect the area. But the report said that Nepal has made great progress. With the commitment, the nation developed a premise to end poverty in 2022.

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The Ancient Nepal

During Neolithic area, the valley of Kathmandu was the location most people would settle. The region stayed for centuries with the oldest civilization from Kusunda People. The country is mentioned in Hindu texts with chapters mentioning the details about power and beauty of the country. The archaeologists had mentioned of evidence regarding the presence of civilization back from 2,500 years ago.

The kingdom of Shah and the story of Siddharta Gautama has spread and known by the Buddhist. This had shaped the religion of Nepal. In 250 BC, Nepal was influenced by the presence of Mauryan. The Indian based kingdom reached the country and settled Gupta Empire. The Kathmandu Valley became part of the Licchavis government surround the central Nepal. The detail story on how Nepal kingdom strived was dated back from 645 CE where there is encryptions on stones that said Kathmandu Valley as part of the essential area in the country. The dynasty of Licchavi continues to decline as the Tibetan dominated the area. The control over the country was uncertain and until 11th century that the South Nepal became part of Chalukya, Indian empire. The religion changed its pattern as the influence of Hinduism quickly spread.

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Nepal Kingdom

Shah dynasty in the middle of 18th century has put together what is said to be the present Nepal. His mission was to seek help from India and after a few times of wars, he conquered Kathmandu Valley. The victory was noted by Father Giuseppe who later on wrote about the war.

The domination of Gorkha as later became Nepal rule. The extent up to its maximum level spread across the Tista River. The control of mountainous was then expanded up to the river of Tista. The Nepal and British has a long term rivalry that the British underestimated the power of Nepalese. Europe looked for resources to add the military troops. The defeat was an impressive matter as the Gurkha reputation of being fierce quickly spread. The ruthless army of Nepal however, ceded with the Sikkim being captured. Madhesis, supported the British army. But later on admit defeat and gave the land to the Nepal people.

The Communist party has won numbers of seats in 2008. The government included parties in the CA but many violence occurred in the period. It was not a peaceful mark indeed. The shape of Nepal is trapezoidal. The territories have been a comparative size and it is divided into 3 areas of Hill, Terai and Mountain. There is a dramatic difference of topography as the result of tropical savannas and forest in Hill region. The area of lowest elevation is the Terai Duar. It has a mosaic form around the Himalayan forest.

Nepal 9N7JX Tourist attractions

Things to do in Nepal

  • Visit Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a beautiful city but gives a wonderful shock especially for those who have not yet known Nepal. The bustling market and intense traffic gives a wonderful and unique arrival experience. You can settle in Kathmandu and watch the history and story by visiting the ancient places and hiking the trails. The Nepal main attraction focuses on the gateway. The attraction has given excitements to trekkers and those who love local cultures. There are numerous trails to discover. Visitors rugged in the city to find the charm of Kathmandu and take marvellous pictures.

  • Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna circuit is a beautiful scene of Poon Hill. The region has icy waterfalls and forests. The scenery of Annapurna circuit is a refreshing pathways that will allow the wind breeze to your face softly. You can reach the high trek point for a while. The foot hills of Annapura is often a tantalizing challenge to be defeated.

  • Patan

The outskirt of Kathmandu is just set in Bagmati River. The temples in Patan city is ancient and with brick lanes of a wonderful courtyards make it a beautiful spot to witness. The Krishna celebration parade is one of the must see event in Patan. You can watch the celebration of holy ritual through café rooftop. Mix with the local crowds and watch how vibrant colors are mixed during the ceremonial celebration.

  • Base camp of Everest

People come to Nepal to conquer Everest. It is a breathtaking journey for mountain hikers and the base camp is just a small part of the beauty you can witness. Of course, not everyone can climb to top but you can stop at the base camp and witness a beautiful snowy mountain view from there. It is a magical peak to see through with the frame consisting of stone walled architecture.

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