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YP0F Insula Fericirii

Dan YO9FNP, Daniel, YO3GA, Petrica, YO9RIJ will be active from Insula Fericirii (Island of Happiness) new IOTA EU-191 22 August - 30 September 2014 as YP0F.
They will be active on HF Bands.
QSL via YO9FNP direct.
Information from team:

Island of Happiness (also Island "K") as she called expert, was born in the Black Sea, the Bay Musura north of the mouth of the Sulina arm as a result of a process of accumulation of silt brought mainly by arm the north of the Danube, Chilia arm, and the contribution circular currents in the Black Sea.

With a length of 7 km and a width of 80 meters, the island appears, seen from above, a tongue of sand. She started to emerge 10-15 years ago and five years ago appeared the first forms of vegetation.
The island is not inhabited, but here live colonies of cormorants black pelicans, scrapping gullping, egrets and gray herons.
In the winter of 2009, during a storm at sea, georgian cargo "Turgut S" failed near the island.
In order to put in the air for the first time in the new IOTA code, several expeditions organized by Romanian Radio Club Association (A.R.R.) will take place on the island between 22.08 - 30.09.2014; callsign used will be YP0F.

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  • Callsign: yt7dx
  • 2014-08-27 10:45:19
Tnx for new one!