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A21TX Botswana

Bernie, ZS4TX will be active as A21TX from Botswana, 20 - 29 October 2019.
He is member of A21TXcom/a21eme/" target="_blank">A21EME Team.
He will operate also on HF Bands.

A21TX Leopard, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana.

Leopard, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana. Author - ClaDae.

A21TX Botswana DX NewsBotswana. Author - youngrobv.

A21TX Sunset, Chobe River, Botswana. Tourist attractions spotSunset, Chobe River, Botswana. Author - Marco Maria Marcolini.

A21TX. Where is Botswana located. Map.

A21TX Botswana. Sunrise 01-27-2022 at 03:57 GMT sunset at 17:10 GMT
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