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A31YM Tonga

A31YM Tonga. Joshua, VA7YM will be active from Tonga 3 - 21 September 2016 as A31YM.
He will operate from different locations:
Tongatapu Island IOTA OC - 049 - 3 - 5 September 2016.
Haapai Island IOTA OC - 169 5 - 13 September 2016.
Eua Island IOTA OC - 049 13 - 21 September 2016.
He will use Icom IC 7000 transceiver with R7 antenna.
QSL via EA5GL direct.
Ads for direct QSL:
Information from Joshua, VA7YM/A31YM:
I have a plan to Tonga to swim with whales on Sep 2016 with my diving buddy. Tonga is the best place to swim with the great creature in the world especially on the season. We will take alot of pictures and video with them.

Tonga A31YM Swimming with whales
Tonga. Swimming with whales. Author - Joshua Min A31YM.

Tonga A31YM Whales ImageTonga. A31YM. Whales Image.

Tonga A31YM Humback Whale Calf, Eua Island.Humback Whale Calf, Eua Island, Tonga. Author - Tony Brown.

Tonga A31YM DX News Sunset, Eua Island.Sunset, Eua Island, Tonga. Author - Matti Vuorre.

Tonga A31YM Tourist attractions spot Haano Island, Haapai Islands.Haano Island, Haapai Islands, Tonga. Author - Krzystof Kryza.

Where is The Kingdom of Tonga located. Map.

A31YM Tonga. Sunrise 01-29-2020 at 17:20 GMT sunset at 06:27 GMT
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Grzegorz Bartosiewicz
  • Callsign: SQ7EQB
  • 2016-09-13 05:29:00
Ok now is ok 73
Rating: 5 of 5
Grzegorz Gregory
  • Callsign: SP7EQB
  • 2016-09-12 22:09:27
Hello my Friend. Please verify QSO with your log. We had communication Band Mode Freq QSL Details SQ7EQB A31YM 2016-09-07 8:54:19 17M SSB 18.12600 in your log on clublog no QSO. Thank you and best regards. DE Grzegorz Gregory SQ7EQB please Add on to your log past veryfied.