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AH2/AB2RF Guam Island

Kan, JJ2RCJ will be active from Guam Island 27 - 30 December 2014 as AH2/AB2RF.
He will operate on HF bands with focus on WARC bands and RTTY.

Guam Island

The exceptional beauty of Guam Island

Guam island, is a part of the four United States territories situated in the west of Pacific Ocean. It is a civilian government with the capital city named Hagatna or Agana. As a beautiful place, Guam is one of the largest island in Mariana.

The people of Guam, commonly known as the Chamorros, were first dominating the island 4 centuries ago. The European colonialism dated back in 1521 and the settlers were among Spanish and missionaries. Guam became an important place as it was a stopover for ships from Spain that came across the Pacific ocean. Before it became part of United States, Guam was in full control of Spain.

For 2.5 year, this Micronesia island was occupied by the Japanese before the Pearl Harbor was attacked. This is why, Guam is visited by tourists mainly from Japan – and it is the largest source of income. During the Japan occupation, there had been several acts from forced labor to rape. And in 1944, the American troops fought the island back. The Liberation Day is commemorated every July 21. Today, Guam's economy is supported by its principal industry, tourism, which is composed primarily of visitors from Japan. Guam's second largest source of income is the United States Armed Forces

Guam Island AH2/AB2RF

Geographical information

Guam island is famous for its beautiful sunset. The beaches are awesome and the climate is friendly. Guam’s highest point is at Lamlam Mount. Closest to Mariana Trench, Guam has chain of island that forms by the tectonic plates of pacific ocean and Philippine Sea.

With an area of 12 miles wide and 30 miles of length, Guam is just as small as three quarter of Singapore country. There are many earthquakes in Guam with a magnitude up to 8. Although it is not a volcanic island, but the epicentres have made it to experience many of earthquakes.

A very alluring of coral reefs inside the deepwater – that is one of the impressive views in Guam island. The golden beaches and the cliffs are lining whilst the mangrove forests are set on the coastline. Apart from the commonly happening earthquakes, Guam is actually a very beautiful place to visit.

Guam Island AH2/AB2RF DX News


With a seasonal trade of northeast winds, Guam has a tropical marine climate. Its moderately hot days are quite humid at some times. The temperatures can be varied and the highest level can be as hot as 86 °F whilst the lowest can only be as cool as 76 °F. Between December to June, dry season takes place with constant warmth. The rest of the months are rainy days. The best time is between January to February as these months have cool air with low humidity.

Typhoon Alley – this is where Guam is exactly located. The island is commonly threatened by the storms and typhoons especially during rainy season. Between October and November, the storms can be as often as every day. Super Typhoon Pongsona is one of the deadliest typhoon to visit Guam. With 144 miles per hour, this speed left a serious damage to the island in 2002.

Typhoon Pamela in 1976 has caused a serious destruction, hence, many properties were replaced by concretes instead of woods. And in the development, the people replaced these concretes into typhoon resistant materials made of steels. The codes are made strict by the government so they must install these types of shutters to prevent typhoon from damaging their properties.

Guam Island AH2/AB2RF Tourist attractions

The unique culture

The Chamorro culture is widely viral in the island. A unique mix of Spanish, Filipino and American is making Guam an interesting place to visit. There are various languages and music influences in the island. The cuisine is also an authentic culinary heavily influenced by the cultures. The Spanish colonial has spread Catholic religion throughout the area. Hence, the population is known to hold Roman Catholic as their religion. Christmas and Easter are celebrated in festivity. Chamorro culture is known as a mixed one across the globe as there are lots of people who belong to different countries and have their own cultures.

The legends are passed down and the culture is preserved. Their crafts including weaving, plated work, but the modern Guam people don’t really preserve these activities. Due to the acculturation, the identity is somewhat lost and the youth of Chomorro is no longer interested in the traditional traits and arts.

The economy

The main source of income of Guam is on tourism department. Taxes are also under the law of Congress and the local taxpayers contribute to the income of this particular area.

Things to do in Guam

There are many tourisms dedicated to Guam Island. And there are number of things to do In Guam but most of them involve water sports and family fun. It is inevitably a great place to distress and declutter your mind. Absolutely chilling on the beach watching the sunrise is a part of cozy days in Guam beaches.

The water activities and adventure is great even for the lone traveller. No matter you travel alone or with family, you will enjoy tourism here. Its not a dangerous place. A safe place visited by dozens of tourists every year; Guam island has many historical sites that are worth the visit too. You can also shop for Guam’s traditional crafts from its finest materials for your keepsake.

The fun also include a wedding venue near the beach. Many couples have chose Guam to tie the knots. Some say that this is the place to explore your inner kid. The Guam’s nightlife is also an enjoyable time for clubbers and party goers. There are lounges with breathtaking singers and bands; DJ performance and more. Guam also holds many traditional events that you can witness in specific day. Get in to the local’s insight of Guam and experience a new way to entertain.

Some of Guam’s attractions include:

  • Alupang Beach Club
  • Cruises
  • Fish Eye Marine park
  • Stompers
  • Seawalkers
  • Tropical fruit world

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